Cookie Decorating

Learn how to decorate cookies that will have the whole party talking. Get started with our classes, supplies and tips for making edible works of art.

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Cookies for Every Occasion

Want to learn all of Anne Yorks' tips and tricks? Enroll in her class today and be the hit of every party, without spending hours in the kitchen! Anne shares quick decorating techniques you'll love;— it's up to you how you spend your time while they're drying!

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Cook Up Crisp Cookies

There's nothing more frustrating than cutting out a cookie only to have it lose its shape in the oven. Try decorator Ashley Rodriguez's go-to sugar cookie recipe that sets you up for decorating success.

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Make Icing-Free Masterpieces

Skip the icing for speedy — but still stunning — cookie designs. Discover how to use cookie molds and silicone textures to create ornate cookies right out of the oven.

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Brush Up on Brush Embroidery

Master this timeless technique, an essential skill for creating beautiful flowers, delicate ruffles and more.

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Smart Cookies

Discover the secrets of making professional-looking cookie sets at home — in way less time! In this online class, expert decorator Anne Yorks shares clever tips and tricks to simplify your process and create consistent, quality designs.

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Shape Shifters

Kiss expensive cutters goodbye! Instructor Georganne Bell shows you how to create almost any cookie design using the cutters you already have.

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