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with Amber Spiegel
Online Class

Sweet Elegance: 16 Cookie-Decorating Techniques

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Make your cookies a delicacy of design, texture and color with professional decorator Amber Spiegel. Start by achieving the perfect royal icing consistency for different types of decorating. Then, learn to easily transfer intricate eyelet lace and other patterns onto your cookies. Make sophisticated fabric effects simple: luscious quilted textures, as well as breathtaking brush embroidered flowers and borders. Antique your cookies with the look of gold marbling, cracked ceramic glazes and bronze edgings. Create rose accents with exquisite wet-on-wet techniques, eye-catching piping and more. Paint vibrant custom designs and radiant backdrops with edible watercolors. Texture your work to create "fuzzy" animal cookies and wavy icing for rustic chic treats. Make the most enticing treats at the table with new cookie-decorating techniques.


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 2h33m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Meet professional cookie decorator Amber Spiegel and get a preview of the skills you'll learn in this class. Amber shares where she looks to find inspiration for her innovative designs, then offers helpful decorating tips that apply to the entire class. See how Amber sets up her work surface, learn the best techniques for handling cookies and piping bags, and find out what materials you'll need.

2. Icing Consistency

2. Icing Consistency

Learn the essential skill of achieving the right icing consistency. Amber explains in detail how to create the three icing consistencies you'll use in the class: flood, medium and stiff. See the proper method of filling a piping bag and how to evenly distribute flood-consistency icing onto a cookie. Watch as Amber demonstrates how to use medium-consistency icing to make smooth, flowy scrollwork designs and stiff-consistency icing to create a basket weave pattern and a rope border. Finally, learn Amber's easy technique for coloring icing.

3. Transferring Patterns

3. Transferring Patterns

Discover three simple ways to transfer a complex pattern onto a cookie. First, Amber walks you through the steps of how to use an edible-ink marker to create an eyelet lace design. Next, see Amber's innovative technique for sketching intricate patterns into hardened frosting with a cardstock ruler and scribe tool. Finally, learn how to make an exact copy of a pattern using tissue paper and an edible-ink marker.