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with Heather Sherman
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Sculpting Adventure

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Find out how to make a dragon cake that wows wherever it goes, with step-by-step guidance from professional cake decorator Heather Sherman. Start by selecting a color palette to match the mood of your design, and learn Heather's super-secret tip for using a household item you already have to build a strong wire framework for your cake. Then, find out how to create wings, ears, teeth, claws and a mighty tail. You'll build your dragon's body, before adding a tasty cereal-treat head and a luscious buttercream coating for delicious results. Plus, discover Heather's fuss-free method for adding colorful fondant scales to your cake and finish your dragon with a delightfully dangling tongue. Don't forget about the most important part! Heather also demonstrates how to safely cut and serve your awe-inspiring dessert to rave reviews.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h10m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

Meet cake artist Heather Sherman and preview the skills you'll learn to create elaborately sculpted animal cakes that will be the talk of the party. Before you begin, learn how to identify key characteristics that make each animal unique. Then, select a color palette that will match the mood of your design.

2. Building the Armature

2. Building the Armature

Building a sturdy armature is crucial to the success of your design. Heather demonstrates each step of this process, from shaping the wire framework to securely mounting it to the cake board. Plus, learn how to create a food-safe covering for your armature that will also add stability to your cake.

3. Assembling Dragon Features

3. Assembling Dragon Features

It's time to work on your creature's features! Learn how to make majestic striped wings and delicate wing bones before shaping the gum paste ears, spine, teeth, claws and tail tip. Prefer to make a fiercer-looking dragon? Find out how a few simple modifications can convey different effects and emotions.