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My Best Cake Yet! Essential Decorating Techniques

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Elevate your decorating skills as you learn how to make a flower pot cake with guidance from bakery owner and social media maven Lesley Wright! First, discover Lesley's secrets to the perfect ganache. Then, efficiently level and tort your cakes and master simple carving techniques for fun shapes. Up next, dam your cakes with solid ganache — great for sealing in delicious fillings — and expertly level and stack your cake. Moving on, Lesley shows you how to give every cake a satin-smooth finish. She even shares tips on giving your fondant the natural-looking color you love and the super-straight edges you dream about! Finally, cover your double-barrel cake with fondant and add realistic details for customized designs. Plus, find out how to finish your cake with dainty fondant flowers and leaves before adding highlights and shadows for a realistic effect.


  • beginner
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h12m

Included in this Class

1. Ganache

1. Ganache

Meet Lesley Wright, your guide to making your best cake yet! Get started by learning to master ganache. Learn the ratio for a perfect ganache consistency and troubleshoot common problems. Then, learn to make colorful variations for endless cake designs.

2. Torting & Carving

2. Torting & Carving

Next, get your cakes prepared for your project. They need layers! So you'll begin by learning to efficiently level and tort your cakes. Then do some light carving to create a fun shape for your cake. Lesley shows you how!

3. Filling, Damming & Stacking

3. Filling, Damming & Stacking

In this lesson, you'll learn to dam your cakes with a solid ganache ring to seal in your delicious filling. Then add a level layer of buttercream and securely stack your cake. You'll also learn when you need to add extra support to your stacked cake with doweling.