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with Nicholas Lodge
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Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers

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Join master sugar artist Nicholas Lodge to create some of the industry's hottest sugar flowers in incredibly lifelike detail. For each flower, you'll discover variations that grow in complexity along with your confidence. Progress through several styles of the oh-so-popular succulent. Create three types of striking ranunculuses, finishing with the most sophisticated version. Advance from a classic dahlia sugar flower to a pompom dahlia and an intricate spider dahlia. You'll even learn to create realistic buds, leaves and calyxes for each flower, and receive tips on dusting and arranging them. Plus, get in-depth advice on pricing the sugar flowers you've made in class. Create fresh, fascinating sugar flowers for birthdays, weddings, competitions and more!


  • advanced
  • 10 episodes
  • 5h20m

Included in this Class

1. The Succulent

1. The Succulent

Meet world-renowned instructor Nicholas Lodge as you dive into your first contemporary gum paste creation, the succulent. Use an all-in-one cutter as Nicholas demonstrates best practices for handling gum paste, using floral wire and thinning and veining leaves.

2. Succulent Variations

2. Succulent Variations

Bolster your succulent garden as you learn how to make mini succulents, perfect as cupcake toppers, before you move on to the molded variation, where you make your center and leaves using silicone molds for an even more naturalistic look.

3. Finishing the Succulents

3. Finishing the Succulents

Make your succulent center by hand before cutting, thinning and wiring each leaf individually as you learn your final variation, perfect for clients looking for truly faithful reproductions. Nicholas then shows you how to add realistic botanical coloring and shine to all of your succulents.