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with Nicholas Lodge
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Lovely Lilies

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Learn how to create a gumpaste calla lily, a trumpet lily and a Stargazer oriental lily, with step-by-step guidance from renowned sugar artist Nicholas Lodge. First, build large and small variations of the classic calla lily, from hand-formed centers to the large petal and even a realistic dusting of color. Then, make popular trumpet and oriental lilies, starting with their delicate centers. Nicholas shares expert techniques for forming the outer petals into that signature trumpet shape and for coloring your flower for a realistic effect. And he demonstrates how to make six wired petals for your oriental lilies and how to recreate their dramatic colors. Plus, find out how to build lifelike lily stems using materials you already have in your kitchen. Finally, discover the secrets to finishing your gum paste lilies, including how to add realistic buds and leaves and create simple arrangements for show-stopping cakes.


  • intermediate
  • 6 episodes
  • 1h53m

Included in this Class

1. Calla Lily

1. Calla Lily

Meet sugar artist Nicholas Lodge and learn to make a small and large calla lily. Start by learning how to hand-form the center, or spadix. Then, create the large petal, or spathe, and add a subtle dusting of color for botanic authenticity. Plus, find out how to make beautifully hued calla lilies in deep eggplant, coral and even green.

2. Lily Centers

2. Lily Centers

Up next, learn how to make realistic centers for both trumpet and oriental stargazer lilies. You'll find out how to expertly add pollen to a pre-made stamen, hand-form a characteristic T-shaped stamen and shape the long center pistil. Then, wire it all together to make the centers to both of these beautiful lilies.

3. Trumpet Lily

3. Trumpet Lily

Discover the secrets to making the wired and fully dried inner petals for your lilies. Find out how to shape fresh outer petals into the signature trumpet shape and explore the simple coloring that goes into these beautiful blooms.