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Industry Secrets for the Savvy Decorator

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Deliver your clients an experience they'll never forget and results they'll rave about to their friends, with guidance from cake designer Kara Andretta. First, learn how to organize your workspace for a more productive decorating experience. Then, get tips for building a strong online presence at both a global and local level. Next, Kara shares cake hacks — clever solutions for your cakes — you'll wonder how you lived without, including how to build sturdy tiered confections and how to create impressive upside-down cakes! And, take your cakes from ordinary to show-stopping with Kara's wafer-paper techniques for delicate grasses, vibrant poppies and even a wallet-friendly wafer-paper bouquet. Finally, discover how to finish, box and deliver your cakes in a timely, organized fashion. Plus, find out what to keep in your emergency kit so on-the-go mishaps never trip you up!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h40m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Set Up

1. Getting Set Up

Meet cake decorator Kara Andretta, your guide to discovering industry tips and techniques crucial to a thriving, successful business. Before you start baking, learn how to effectively organize your workspace. Then find out how to build -- and maintain -- your online presence to best reach a global audience, as well as your local community.

2. Doweling & Stacking 101

2. Doweling & Stacking 101

Ensure that your cakes are completely secure with Kara's doweling and stacking techniques. Get in-depth instruction on everything from drilling a center-pole hole in your cake base, to sizing dowels and placing them in each tier for maximum stability. Plus, find out simple tricks for hiding cake seams.

3. Easy Supports for Super-Impressive Cakes

3. Easy Supports for Super-Impressive Cakes

See how to pull off breathtaking designs with simple tools as you work on a gravity-defying upside-down cake. Construct a sturdy barbell-style cake stand out of wooden dowels cleverly hidden by the design's upside-down birthday candle! Finish the look by applying petal dust for added dimension and visual interest.