Taught by Lauren Kitchens
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Fast-Food Cakes

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Learn how to make a burger cake and so much more with award-winning decorator Lauren Kitchens. See how to tort, fill, carve and crumb coat a perfectly shaped burger cake before covering it in fondant. Get airbrushing tips to give your bun an appetizing golden-brown color, and create the look of a realistic hamburger patty. Finish your burger cake with tasty, convincing modeling chocolate toppings: cheese, red onion, tomato and lettuce. Then, make an enticing basket of modeling chocolate french fries and a soft drink cake that recipients will mistake for the real thing. Plus, use these sweet techniques to create other favorites: pickles, fried chicken, bacon, milkshakes and even amazing mini-burger cupcakes. Make the most memorable burger and fries any fast-food fan has ever had!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h32m

Included in this Class

1. Sculpting the Burger Cake

1. Sculpting the Burger Cake

Meet your instructor, cake artist Lauren Kitchens, as she previews the delicious and realistic-looking projects you'll make in this class. See how Lauren's burger cake differs from those you might have seen before as she discusses how her single-tiered cake is more realistic as well as quick to make and cost-effective. Then, create a fun, diner-inspired cake board and started sculpting as you decorate alongside Lauren, torting, filling, carving and crumb-coating your cake. You'll use Lauren's invaluable tips and tricks on all of your sculpted projects!

2. Building the Burger Cake

2. Building the Burger Cake

Continue creating your own burger cake as Lauren shows you how to get your crumb coat perfectly smooth before covering the cake with fondant. Your burger will start to take shape as you airbrush your bun to golden (im)perfection and add real sesame seeds. Discover the secrets behind creating authentic-looking burger meat, and use Lauren's caning technique to create onions and see how quickly you can make other condiments, too: tomatoes, lettuce and even cheese!

3. Finishing the Cake & Making Fries

3. Finishing the Cake & Making Fries

Put the finishing touches on your burger cake as you layer in all of your condiments. Pick up tips on arranging and styling them to add a sense of realism and balance. Add a bit of buttercream ketchup and mustard to complete the look! Then, fill out your meal as Lauren shows you three ways to make modeling chocolate french fries and offers tips for coloring and styling them for maximum accuracy.