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with Josh Johnson
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Exploring Chocolate Cakes, Fillings & Frostings

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Join Executive Pastry Chef Josh Johnson as he shares the secrets to delicious, creative chocolate cakes! To begin, master a go-to chocolate cake. Then, create an airy chocolate sponge cake and learn how to perfectly prepare its two key ingredients: pâte à bombe and meringue. Next, get Josh’s secrets for creaming butter and sugar to achieve a remarkably rich pound cake, and create flexible, flourless cake that’s ideal for sweet roulades. Moving on, fill your cakes with luscious chocolate ganache and find out how to make mousse by adding one simple step. Then, whip up decadent chocolate pastry cream and fillings loaded with chocolate streusel, caramelized peanuts and chocolate nougatine. Plus, get tips for making cakes that are as gorgeous as they are delectable when you learn how to temper chocolate and create professional-looking embellishments that set your cakes apart!


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 3h34m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Old-Fashioned Cake

1. Introduction & Old-Fashioned Cake

Meet your instructor, pastry artist Josh Johnson, and learn about the delicious and refined recipes you'll master in this class: from cakes and fillings to frostings and decorations. Discover how chocolate is made and what types of chocolate are best for baking. Then, get started making a classic old-fashioned chocolate cake. Josh will give his professional tips for properly preparing, measuring and mixing a flawless cake batter, and show you how to know exactly when your cake is done.

2. Chocolate Sponge Cake

2. Chocolate Sponge Cake

Learn how to make a light-as-air chocolate sponge cake from two key components: a pâte à bombe (egg yolks whipped with sugar) and meringue (egg whites whipped with sugar and cream of tartar). Josh will walk you through making each, and how to gently combine the batter without losing its loft. Finally, see how this cake looks -- inside and out -- when it is perfectly baked.

3. Pound Cake & Flourless Cake

3. Pound Cake & Flourless Cake

Master two more chocolate cakes: A rich pound cake perfect for carving and a thin flourless cake that you can roll up into a roulade. First, Josh shows you his pound cake technique, including his secrets to creaming butter and sugar the right way. Next, create a tender, flexible flourless cake by folding ingredients into a glossy meringue. Josh will show you how to tell when it's done baking, as well as how to remove it from the pan, layer it with a tasty filling, and roll it into a roulade.