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with Kathryn Gordon
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Classic Techniques for Contemporary Layer Cakes

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Create your own exquisite layer cakes! Learn how through two layer cake recipes: a caramel chocolate banana cake and a vanilla grapefruit cake — each featuring their own decadent layers. With pastry chef Kathryn Gordon as your guide, you'll first find out how to plan a layer cake so that the colors, flavors and textures pair perfectly. With this essential skill covered, you'll create the chocolate base and delicious sponge cakes for both your entremets. Then, Kathryn will show you how to make a crunchy meringue dacquoise and a variety of candied fruit accents. Move on to whipping up a rich white chocolate crémeux and a sumptuous salted caramel chocolate crémeux. Plus, master techniques for assembling cakes in perfectly even layers, then glazing for a beautiful finish!


  • advanced
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h47m

Included in this Class

1. Layer by Layer

1. Layer by Layer

Meet pastry chef Kathryn Gordon and preview the two decadent layer cakes you'll make in class. Deepen your understanding of how a sophisticated layer cake, or entremet, is created and learn how to plan yours ahead of time, balancing the colors, flavors and textures of each layer. Then, practice making dark and white chocolate pâte à glacer for both cakes.

2. Chocolate & Vanilla Base Cakes

2. Chocolate & Vanilla Base Cakes

Perfect your technique of making moist, spongy joconde cakes to layer in the caramel chocolate banana and vanilla grapefruit entremets. Kathryn walks you through each important step, demonstrating the proper techniques for browning butter, whipping egg yolks to the right consistency and making soft-peak meringue.

3. Dacquoise & Macarons

3. Dacquoise & Macarons

Learn the secrets to creating a crunchy dacquoise meringue layer and decorative macarons for your caramel chocolate banana cake. Get expert instruction on making dual-purpose batter, and see Kathryn's easy-to-learn method of piping the dacquoise and macarons into large and small circular shapes.