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with Carrie Sellman
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Building Your Business: Beautiful Cake Photography

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Set up captivating, share-worthy shots for every cake you make — no photography background required — with guidance from Carrie Sellman, the founder and editor of The Cake Blog. Think like a photographer as you learn the basics of your camera, and get comfortable with terms like ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Receive budget-friendly tips for snapping compelling shots with your smartphone. Illuminate your cakes beautifully with Carrie's lesson on lighting. Build a set with simple materials to bring elegant ambience to your photos. Master the fundamentals of great composition to highlight the strongest features of your decorating. Plus, make your favorite photos even better with editing techniques for Adobe® Lightroom and other programs. Attract more attention and clients as you take gorgeous cakes photos for your portfolio, website, social media and more!


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  • 6 episodes
  • 1h41m

Included in this Class

1. Why Cake Photography is Important

1. Why Cake Photography is Important

Meet your instructor, Carrie Sellman, founder and editor of The Cake Blog, and discover why taking good photographs is so important. Learn how simple styling, strong composition and smart post-processing launched her career as a blogger and has positively impacted countless cake careers without costing a fortune. Get started building an incredible portfolio, defining your personal photography style, and keeping track of all of your beautiful cakes after they have been eaten.

2. Equipment & Accessories

2. Equipment & Accessories

Carrie offers an overview of the gear you'll need, including great budget-friendly tips for using your smartphone and the fundamentals of working with a DSLR camera. See how to use DSLR manual settings to gain total control over your images. Learn how to make best use of some common accessories, including tripods, camera straps and external hard drives for storage, without breaking the bank.

3. Lighting

3. Lighting

Achieving beautiful lighting is one of the main challenges new photographers face. Carrie demonstrates some common mistakes and how to correct them. Discover the benefits of using natural light, where to find the best lighting in your home, and how to create indirect lighting effects to eliminate harsh tones. Then, discover how to use some simple materials to bounce your light to create even illumination for professional-looking results.