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Using Edible Glue to Attach Pearls to a Cake | Erin Gardner | Craftsy

Free Video Tip: Adorn Your Cakes with Pearl Bursts

By Craftsy
Instructor of the online Craftsy class, Jeweled Wedding Cake, Marina Sousa is your teacher in this free video lesson, perfect for anyone looking to decorate their cakes with elegance and style. This adornment lends a posh, high-class touch to any wedding or celebration cake. Better still: it's simple to make! Read more »

Craft Wars: Let the Battle Begin!

By Craftsy
Craft Wars is a super fun new show on TLC that we've been hearing about for weeks. We were so eager to see what this televised craft competition had in store that we figured many of you had to be, as well! Thankfully Craftsy team member Katie is here to recap the very first episode for us and let us know what this series is going to be all about. Read more »

Our April Fool’s Joke: Funny or Flop?

By Craftsy
While most months start fresh, April starts funny: with April Fool’s Day. At least, that’s the idea behind the myriad of pranks played around the world on this infamous holiday. This year, we decided to pull a little prank on our Craftsy users... Read more »