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These Jolly Santa Cupcakes Are Easier Than They Look

December 25 is just around the corner! There’s still time to wow friends and family with a festive treat! Make the most of the holiday season by making these fun Santa cupcakes. Read on for a full tutorial.

Learn how to make fun Santa cupcakes with this tutorial

Festive & fun Santa cupcakes

Materials and tools needed:

Step 1: Make Santa’s body

Santa cupcake tutorial

Shape red fondant or gum paste into a chubby, rounded teardrop shape. Next, skewer a cut-down toothpick down its center.

Step 2: Add Santa’s head

Fun Santa cupcake tutorial

For Santa’s head, roll skin tone–tinted fondant into a smooth ball. This should be a little smaller than the body piece you created in Step 1. Slide it onto the toothpick along with a little bit of edible glue.

Step 3: Give Santa’s jacket some buttons

Fun Santa cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Attach three tiny balls of caramel-colored fondant down Santa’s suit. Flatten each one slightly. Then with the sharp end of a toothpick, poke in the button hole detailing. When finished, paint each with edible gold paint.

Step 4: Add Santa’s beard

Fun Santa cupcake Christmas tutorial by Juniper Cakery

For the beard, mould and flatten white fondant into a teardrop-like shape. Then attach it to the head a little below center.

Santa Clause cupcake tutorial

For his mustache, roll two small pieces of white fondant into long drop shapes. Use edible glue to attach them above the beard. Tweak the tapered ends slightly to make them curl a little.

Step 5: Add Santa’s facial features

Santa Clause cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

We’ll add in Santa’s rosy cheeks, eyes and a little nose. For the eyes, indent eye sockets using a small ball tool. With a little bit of edible glue, add in the black sugar pearls for the eyes.

For his nose, roll up a tiny amount of skin tone fondant. Stick it underneath the eyes in the center of Santa’s face.

For the cute rosy cheeks, lightly brush on small circles petal dust underneath the eyes.

Step 6: Make Santa’s hat

Santa Clause cupcake tutorial for Christmas

Shape more red fondant into a medium teardrop shape. Use a ball tool to hollow out the base of the hat so that it can sit over Santa’s head. Attach it with some edible glue. Gently curl the tip of the hat over a little.

For the ball on the end of the hat, roll a small ball of white fondant and attach it to the tip with some edible glue. You may need to hold this in place until it’s secure. 

For the furry cuff of the hat, roll white fondant into a rope-like shape. Cut it down to fit around the base of the hat and attach with edible glue.


If you want to add texture to the fur trim of Santa’s hat, you can also use the sharp tip of a cocktail stick to drag or poke the fondant.

Step 7: Make Santa’s arms

Santa Clause cupcake tutorial for Christmas treats

Slide two more toothpicks into the body where you’d like Santa’s arms to site. Add a little edible glue down the sticks.

Roll two pieces of red fondant into rounded teardrop shapes. Skewer the fondant pieces onto the toothpicks.

Make sure that the toothpicks poke out a little bit so that you can attach Santa’s hands on too.

Step 8: Add Santa’s hands

Fun Santa Clause cupcake tutorial

Start with two small balls of white fondant, then use a veining tool to indent the thumb shapes in the mittens.

Attach the mittens onto the ends of the arms with a little edible glue. If you’ve left a bit of the toothpick poking out of Santa’s arms ,then you should be able to skewer the hands in place. Hold a little until secure.

Add white fur trimming to the ends of Santa’s arms by attaching white fondant ropes with edible glue.

Step 9: Put Santa on the cupcake

Fun Santa Clause cupcake tutorial

We attached ours onto a flat iced cupcake (with some edible glue), but you can add yours on top of mini cakes, frosted tiers or even buttercream-covered cupcakes.

Step 10: Add gift decorations

Jolly Santa cupcake tutorial

Roll out fondant in whatever colors you like (we used pink and gold) to a thickness of around 6 mm. Use a small sharp knife to cut out a variety of square and rectangle shapes. If you want to paint any of these with a metallic or luster dust, do that now.

Surround the base of your Santa with all your fondant gifts. Stick these in place with edible glue, making sure they look like a tumbled pile of presents.

Finally, pipe a cute ribbon and bow detailing to all those gifts. Simply use royal icing to pipe a line running from top to bottom down the center of each; then pipe a line from side to side along the middle. Where both lines meet, pipe two loops and two tails for the bow.

Learn how to make fun Santa cupcakes with this easy tutorial

Now you have an adorable little fondant Santa cupcake. They’re perfect for kids, but at this time of the year they’re also pretty popular with fun-loving grown-ups too.

Easy Santa cupcake tutorialSimple Santa cupcake tutorial

If you’re re-creating these Santa cupcakes for a large cake, then why not try out this FREE edible Christmas tree idea to nestle on top, too?

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mary m young

Very cute but please supervise around children or adults with the
tooth picks.. Thanks.


You can replace the toothpicks with uncooked spaghetti. It is crunchy but edible. :0)

Janis S. TheCookieMomster

Adorable…..but time consuming. Would really like to make these but I would have had to start on them in June!


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