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Go Behind the Scenes of Man About Cake

Ever wondered where JJR gets all his cake-spiration? We caught up with him to go beneath the buttercream! It’s the Caked Crusader as you’ve never seen him before.

Satisfy your cake cravings! Head to our Man About Cake page for recipes, news and even more JJR. 

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Wanda wein

Love it. Am not a professional cake decorative but since I retired love baking cakes for my family gatherings

Chloe Eisma

You are awesome! And a very good entertainer. Can’t take my eyes off what you are doing in case I will miss something. Very precise and fun to watch. I have used some of the techniques and I am surprised myself what I can do. Keep it up Josh. I don’t want to miss a thing.


He’s so entertaining to watch! Most of the times I watch just to hear the jokes. Now i’ve learnt a new word, garbage cake!! That always goes to my siblings whenever i make cakes

Tasha Brown

Yes…garbage cake has become a popular phrase around here too! My kids love garbage cake.


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