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These Mess-Free Ice Cream Cones Are Filled With Cake!

If ice cream cones usually end with a sticky, melted mess in your family, try these melt-free ice cream cone cupcakes instead!

Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cone cupcakes are a fantastic baking and decorating project to create with kids, and the fact that there are no wrappers makes cleanup a snap. You can use a boxed cake mix or make your batter from scratch, and pick any flavor you like! Just like ice cream, the variations are limitless, making these goodies perfect for kids and adults.

After they’re baked, it’s time to decorate! Even simple decorations look polished and professional on these whimsical, easy treats.

How to make cupcakes in ice cream cones

You can use any type of cake batter for ice cream cone cupcakes, provided the recipe yields 24 cupcakes or a 9″ x 13″ cake. If your recipe makes more, don’t worry —  simply bake more cupcakes, or use the excess batter to bake some regular cupcakes.

What you need:

  • 1 batch cake batter
  • 24 flat-bottom wafer ice cream cones (aka cake cones)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Two 12-cup cupcake tins
  • Ice cream scoop (the kind with the spring-loaded expelling arm)

Step 1:

First, prep your tins. Cut out 4″ squares of aluminum foil, one for each cone. Press a foil square lightly into each hole in the tin. Place a cake cone in the center of each cup; lightly scrunch the foil around the bottom.

This keeps the cone in place while baking and captures cake batter drips. The cones can be a little bit wobbly, especially when filled with batter.

Step 2:

Ice cream cones filled with cake batter

Use an ice cream scoop to transfer the batter. The spring release allows all of the batter to go into the cone easily.

Fill each cake cone ⅔ full of batter for a nice poof on top, or fill them halfway if you want the cupcake to come up just to the top edge of the cone.

Heaping the batter high may seem appealing, but it tends to drip down the sides of the cones as they bake. If you overfill the cones, don’t panic. Simply remove some of the extra batter with a small spoon and transfer to an unfilled cone.

Step 3:

Bake in a preheated oven for the same amount of time and at the same temperature as your cake recipe recommends.

As you near the end of the baking time, check to see if your cupcakes are fully baked. Insert a toothpick into the middle of your cupcake: If it comes out clean, your cupcake is ready. You can also use your finger to gently press the top of your cupcake; if it springs back into shape and feels firm, it’s also ready.

Step 4:

Remove the cupcakes from the oven, and let cool completely. Leave the cones in the cupcake tin. Because they’re a bit top-heavy, this will keep them from capsizing and make it easier to frost them

Decorating your ice cream cone cupcakes

Now that your ice cream cone cupcakes are completely cool, it’s time to give them their frosting ice cream tops that make them so delectable. There are so many ways you can do this!

What you need:

  • 6 cups of your favorite frosting (more depending on how tall you want your cones to be)
  • Sprinkles, chocolate shaving or other decorations of choice
  • Large open round piping tip or large star tip (optional)
  • Large piping bag (if using piping tips)
  • Ice cream scoop (optional)

Option 1

Option 2

Use your ice cream scoop to dip into your bowl of frosting and give the top of your cone the shape of an actual scoop of ice cream. 

Option 3

Place a large, open round tip into a large piping bag and fill it with your favorite frosting. Start around the perimeter of the cone and pipe in a circle, moving inward and upward, decreasing in size to resemble swirled ice cream. A firm icing works best to ensure your swirl holds its shape.

Option 4

Piping icing on ice cream cone cupcakes

Fill your piping bag with several different colors of icing and pipe a swirl with a large star tip, wiggling it as you go to create a fun, wavy Neapolitan look.

Variation 5

Cupcakes in ice cream cones with sprinkles

Decorate as desired with sprinkles, chocolate or your favorite ice cream toppings!

Everything’s better with a cherry on top!

Cupcakes in ice cream cone with frosting and fondant cherry

Want to take your ice cream cone cupcakes to the next level? Lynlee North Beckett’s adorable fondant cherry topper will surely leave your guests screaming for more ice cream cupcakes.

What you need:

  • Pink or red fondant
  • Black fondant
  • Water/edible glue
  • White gel paste color
  • Fondant rolling pin
  • Clean food-safe paintbrush
  • Round piping tips Nos. 3 and 7
  • Small modeling stick
  • Toothpick


How to make a fondant cherry ice cream topper
  1. Roll a ¾” ball of pink fondant.
  2. Slightly indent the top of the pink ball with your finger. Then, use a small modeling stick to make a hole where the stem will sit.
  3. With the small modeling stick, make two indentations on the cherry’s face for the eye cavities.
  4. With a No. 7 piping tip placed a 45-degree angle, make an indentation on the cherry for the mouth. Create dimples by making tiny indentations at each end of the smile with the modeling stick.
  5. Roll out black fondant to ⅛” thick. Cut out two circles with a No. 3 piping tip. Roll the circles into balls, then glue them into place with water or edible glue inside the eye cavities on the cherry’s face.
  6. Dip a toothpick in white gel paste color and make small glimmer marks (catch lights) on the cherry’s eyes.
  7. Roll out pink fondant to ⅛” thick. Cut out two circles with the No. 7 piping tip.
  8. Combine the two pink fondant circles together and roll into a ball. Roll the ball out into a thin, snake-like shape to form the stem. Shape it as desired and allow it to dry for enough time that the stem will hold its shape.
  9. Once dry, apply edible glue to the hole on top of the cherry and insert the stem, securing it in place. Allow it to dry thoroughly and decorate your ice cream cone cupcakes by placing one on top of the icing!
Ice cream cone filled with cupcake and topped with frosting

Store these ice cream cone cupcakes for up to two days by covering them loosely. Storing them in the fridge will ensure the icing sets to the desired shape. Let them come to room temperature before serving.

With these cupcakes, let your imagination run wild. Crush up some chocolate sandwich cookies into your icing for cookies-and-cream cupcakes. Or drizzle on chocolate sauce for a sundae cupcake. However you decide to decorate, these cupcakes are sure to be the coolest ones this summer!

cupcakes topped with pink macarons

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