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Add Elegance to Your Cakes! How to String Fondant Pearls

fondant pearls

Strings of fondant pearls are the perfect touch for an exquisite cake! Now, you can learn to make these incredibly beautiful strings of fondant pearls in a few simple steps.


  • Fondant
  • Pearl mold (You can make it without a pearl mold, just be sure your pearls are all the same size.)
  • Knife
  • Pearl luster dust
  • Clean sewing pin
  • Fishing line- I used 8lb line

Step 1: Make your fondant pearls. Click here for a free tutorial on How to Make Fondant Pearls.

step 1
Step 2: Once your pearls are made, cut them into separate pearls.

step 2
Step 3: Then roll one at a time in the palm of your hand until it is a nice uniform ball.

step 3
Step 4: Once they are all formed into balls let them sit for about 4- 5 minutes so they can form a light crust on the outside.

Step 5: Using a clean sewing pin, poke a hole through each pearl making sure to keep their shape.
Note: Fondant may build up on your sewing pin which can cause your pearls to be misshapen. Simply scratch off the accumulated fondant and continue working.

step 5
Step 6: Use the sewing pin again, place the pin through the same hole as before. This will help to make sure the fishing wire will go through easily.

Step 7: Let them dry for a few more minutes, then cut the fishing line to the length you desire. Remember you want extra fishing line so you can trim the string of pearls to the right length.

Step 8: Feed the fishing line through each fondant pearl. Be very gentle with the pearls as they are still soft.

step 8
Step 9: Once all of your fondant pearls are strung, you can go back over them with a light dusting of pearl luster dust to give them a finished look!

step 9

For more fondant design ideas, be sure to check out the free tutorial How to Make Fondant Decorations and Colette Peters’ classes here on Craftsy: Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods and Piece of Cake.


Deborah J.

I’m wondering why you wouldn’t just use a sewing needle and thread instead so you don’t have to poke each bead twice?


I would think that the plastic fishing line wouldn’t allow the hole to dry properly, therefore, the pearls would stick and not move freely.


Such a cleaver idea, much easier than trying to attach each one.


I’ve made pearls using this method. Instead of allowing them to dry on a flat surface, you can stick the pin into Styrofoam with up to 4 pearls on each pin. Make sure the pearls have a little space in between just so they don’t stick together. This allows for a more round shape, rather than a round shape with a flat side.


Am impressed by this.u got abrilliant idea


How do I attach it to the cake?

Annie McTaviah

But how do you attach the fishing line and the pearls to the cake once your done??


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