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Pastillage Video Tutorial From Elisa Strauss

This post comes to you from amazing cake decorator, and former Ralph Lauren designer, Elisa Strauss. Her newest Craftsy class High-Fashion Heels is the sweetest styling lesson you could ever imagine.

Ready to learn how to make a show-stopping cake that looks just like a pair of Manolo Blahniks? Cake decorating expert Elisa Strauss makes it easy!

Red Stiletto High Heel Shoe Cake Design!

I have been so excited for the release of my new Craftsy class, High-Fashion Heels. I’ve been creating shoes in cake designs for so long and for so many people — celebrities, moms, brides and fashionistas of all kinds!

Sometimes I wouldn’t have a lot of time and did not have a week to let the shoes dry so I figured the best way was to make the heel and sole out of pastillage and the upper parts out of gum paste. It was first suggested to me by my cake designer friend Penny of Sugar Couture.

Today, I wanted to share with you how to make pastillage for your own high-fashion cake designs.

In my Craftsy class, I focus more on the construction of the shoe and the design elements. But I wanted to give you a little something extra with this recipe. Here is the recipe and video tutorial I made just for you!

Ingredients for pastillage recipe:

  • 1 pound (16 ounces) of confectioners’ sugar
  • 1½ tablespoons of Tylose
  • ¼ cup of warm water

See how the recipe comes together in the step-by-step video tutorial below!

You can use this technique for any cake design you can dream up! Use it for shoes, plaques, boxes — anything you want to dry rock hard and not to move!

Zebra Print Shoe Cake

Love Elisa’s gorgeous designs? Then don’t forget to check out her new class High-Fashion Heels, as well as her treasured classes Designer Handbag Cakes and the FREE mini-class Basic Fondant Techniques. Plus, you can learn even more about Elisa on her blog Confetti Cakes.

What high-fashion shoe would you want to recreate in cake?


Maria hernandez

I love all your tutorial I’m craftsy student to all your classes look over it

ola-akinlosotu irene omotunde

I really want to learn more


Pastillage made simple – thank you Elisa, for both the recipe and showing us how.
I tried this earlier today; but 1/4 cup of water didn’t seem nearly enough, I had to make it almost twice that just to be able to make a dough out of it. I hope I will get the results I am looking for when I create my shapes tomorrow.
You’ll be seeing me in the basic fondant class later, and when I get around to it, I think I may just try on that shoe class of yours too as I have a special project coming up 🙂

chef adebayo olowu

Excellent job elisa.this us pastillage made simple. Thanks alot

Tessy Ishabor Ndu

Thanks for the tutorial.
Can’t wait to get mixing.


Pls I need to know hw to mix d confectioner’s sugar,tylose and water together


Hi! Where’s the link to the discounted class?


Hi Elisa Thankyou for your pastilage recipe it works a treat excellent will use it the future.
Thanks again June


Enjoy your tutorial on the pastillage. I never knew the was such a thing. I now know what my problem has been in the past. You are a life / cake design, saver. Thanks again, Tammioka J Harris.

Francine- The Garden Baker

Hi Elisa.
Thanks so much for the tutorial. I’ve used your recipe several times (for things other than shoes) with success, but I have never succeeded in rejuvenizing the left over pastillage after it’s been wrapped and packed well and some time has gone by. How do you recommend trying to get it malleable again??? in the micro? adding water?

Elisa Strauss

Hi! I’m so sorry you have had trouble. Yes, I keep the pastille triple wrapped in plastic and then in an air-tight container. I usually just use the warmth of my hands but if necessary you can use a microwave but sparingly. You do not want to melt it. (or burn yourself!) and you want to make sure there are no hard edges on the outside- that will effect the smooth nature of the pastillage.

I hope that works! Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Can you use this right away after making. if yes great, If no why?


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