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Four Famous Cake Designers You Should Know

Do you know who’s who in the world of cake decorating and designing?

Here’s a chance to discover some of the famous cake designers who are shaping (literally) the culture of custom cake design, one sugary creation at a time.

Since there are too many great designers to name in just one post, we’ll take it a few at a time so that you can really get to know these inspiring artists, including an inside look at who they are as well as an exploration of the amazing art they create with buttercream, fondant, gum paste and cake.

Photo and Brief Profile of Duff Goldman

Who: Duff Goldman, Charm City Cakes

In five words or less: Artful cakes with tattoo attitude.

The sweet lowdown: Described as both audacious and creative, Goldman is the founder and owner of Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes bakery. The bakery’s daily goings-on are featured on the Food Network show Ace of Cakes. Recently, he began collaborating as a designer for a line of branded cake baking and decorating products.

Image of Cake Shaped Like House with Dog In Front
Photo via Charm City Cakes

As you can see, even a fondant covered cake with a sweet color scheme and theme has a stylized, avant-garde look when it’s made by Charm City Cakes.


Image and Brief Profile of Anne Heap

Who: Anne Heap, Pink Cake Box

In five words or less: Highly customized sculpted fondant dreams.

The sweet lowdown: After working in advertising, Anne decided to quit the corporate world and pursue pastry arts. After studying at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, she completed an apprenticeship with Ron Ben-Israel Cakes in New York City. In 2005, she founded Pink Cake Box in Denville, New Jersey, which includes a retail location and a skilled staff of decorators.

Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, and she is the instructor of the Craftsy course Cake Topper Techniques.
A cake from Anne’s portfolio:
Cake Shaped Like Garden of Eden
Photo via Pink Cake Box

Created for a bar mitzvah, this cake features amazing fondant work and cake painting. And that globe on the top actually spins. Incredible!


Photo via Mike’s Amazing Cakes

Who: Mike McCarey, Mike’s Amazing Cakes

In five words or less: Is that really a cake?

The sweet lowdown: Mike McCarey of Mike’s Amazing Cakes started a lifelong love affair with cake in his teens, when he spent a two-year term at a cooking school in Denver. From there, he worked as a pastry chef in various cities before settling in Washington state, where he decided to focus on cake exclusively. His goals? That the concept being presented should be as accurate as possible, but also as expressive and unique as possible.

His clients include celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Palmer, Rodney Dangerfield and Julia Child, and corporate clients such as Disney, Microsoft and the Smithsonian. He’s also a Craftsy instructor! Check out his classes Advanced Cake Sculpting and Classic Car, Timeless Techniques.
A cake from Mike’s portfolio:
Polaroid Image of Cake Shaped Like an Orange Dragon
Photo via Mike’s Amazing Cakes

It may look as if it’s a collectable figurine, but it’s actually cake. This stunning dragon cake exhibits Mike’s mastery of sculpting with fondant, not to mention his wonderful detail with airbrushing.


Image and Brief Bio of Colette Peters

Who: Colette Peters, Colette’s Cakes

In five words or less: Incredible and edible art.

The sweet lowdown: After studying fine art in New York City, Colette moved on to a designer position at the oh-so-posh Tiffany & Co., where she earned a reputation as office baker. Designing well-received cakes for a Tiffany catalog shoot led to a book deal and a cake making empire, which includes her business, Colette’s Cakes.

Her accolades are almost too many to list: an international clientele, designing cakes for the President of the United States, teaching classes internationally, writing five books, and appearing in countless publications and TV shows. She is also a Craftsy instructor! Her courses include Piece of Cake! with Colette Peters and Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods.
A cake from Colette’s portfolio:
Polaroid Image of Cake Shaped Like a Stack of Pillows
Photo via Colette’s Cakes

Pillowy tiers of cake (get it?) are covered with fondant and gum paste detailing, complete with hand-painted details and a beautiful palette of custom-tinted colors.

Who’s your favorite cake designer?


Annika Ramrattan

I wanna be like Mike!!!! 🙂 no seriously I want to be so skilled that taking risks with my cakes are an everyday occurrence. Cake artist like Mike & Duff are awesome!!! I once did a pumpkin that had a diameter of 16″ and most people thought it was a large soup terrine that held pumpkin soup it was hilarious watching them trying to take off the “cover” so I had to come clean :). Be blessed.

Iced Jems

Great artists with wonderful portfolios! Michelle of Michelle Sugarart has to be my favourite though in terms of detail 🙂

The Ninja Baker

Thank you for this very important post, Jessie, about some very important people =) Love your clever note card intros.


what about buddy valastro…

Loretta Dunnaway

My favorite cake designer is Gregory Bingham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “The Art of Cake”. He made my daughters wedding cake. I have never seen anything like it in my life. He is truly a custom cake designer. Only makes two cakes a month. My daughter was astounded when he whisked off a black satin cover to unveil the prototype. “The Art of Cake” – truly appropos!


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