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10 Must-Follow Cookie Decorating Blogs

When it comes to making decorated cookies, I need ALL the help I can get. Lucky for me, there are some amazingly talented and generous cookie designers who share their recipes, tips and designs through their blogs. You’ll even recognize some of the names below as Bluprint instructors! These are my top 10, must-follow cookie decorating blogs. Share your favorites in the comments below!

1o must-follow cookie decorating blogs

Sweet Ambs

Cookies by Bluprint Instructor Amber Spiegel

Image via Bluprint instructor Amber Spiegel of Sweet Ambs

Let’s start this list off with online cookie celeb and Bluprint instructor Amber Spiegel and her blog, Sweet Ambs. Years ago I remember stumbling on her Etsy shop and instantly falling in love with her delicate, fancy style. On her blog, you’ll find great recipes, outstanding tutorials and loads of videos. You can even catch up on current events with Amber’s “Cookie the News” videos for Tastemade. 

Cookie Connection

Cookie Decorating Blogs Sculptural Cookies by Julia Usher

Image via Julia Usher

Julia Usher is a pastry chef, author, YouTube personality and the queen of 3-D, sculptural, intricately decorated cookies. On her site, Cookie Connection, you’ll find in-depth technical knowledge, troubleshooting, tutorials and guest posts from members of her cookie community. Her site is more than just a static resource. Her members are invited to share pictures, videos, participate in live chats and more. 

Bake at 350

Cookie Decorating Blogs Cookies by Bridget Edwards

Image via Bridget Edwards from Bake at 350

On Bake at 350, Bridget Edwards shares recipes for a variety of things, but decorated cookies are her calling card. Her cookie designs are clean, simple and adorable. Both new and experienced cookie decorators will find endless inspiration for both the look and taste of their cookies on her blog. 

Lila Loa

Cookies by Bluprint Instructor Georganne Bell.

Image via Bluprint Instructor Georganne Bell from Lila Loa

Bluprint instructor and author Georganne Bell started as a cake decorator and moved into the world of cookie design with her blog, Lila Loa. Just one scroll through her site and you’ll be filling up your Pinterest boards with her seemingly endless variety of tutorials for themed decorated cookies. 

The Decorated Cookie

Cookie Decorating Blogs Cookies by Meaghan Mountford

Image via Meaghan Mountford from The Decorated Cookie

On The Decorated Cookie, Meaghan Mountford shares her food crafting skills in a variety of mediums, but like the name of the blog states, she’s well known for her decorated cookies. Her designs are modern, clever and most importantly, achievable! This is the place to go if you’re seeking inspiration for baking or crafting with kids. 

Bearfoot Baker

Like many of the other bloggers on this list, Lisa at the Bearfoot Baker shares recipes and tutorials for a variety of sweets on her site, but her cookies really steal the show. On her blog, you’ll find information for decorators of all levels including how to make all kinds of royal icing transfers. (By the way, you’ll find special tutorials from her here on the Bluprint Blog, too!)


Cookies from Sweetopia

Image via Sweetopia

Sweet and chic are just two words you could use to describe the cookie designs you’ll find on Sweetopia. Tasteful, modern and elegant would also fit the bill. She also provides inspiration for everyone’s favorite — the gingerbread house!  

Sweet Sugar Belle

You may have spotted Callye Alvarado’s cookie cutters and tools in the aisles of your local craft store or even on TV while shopping from the comfort of your couch. On her blog, Sweet Sugar Belle, she shares numerous adorable cookie decorating tutorials along with recipes, tips and more. 

Flour Box Bakery

Cookies by Bluprint Instructor Anne Yorks.

Image via Bluprint Instructor Anne Yorks from Flour Box Bakery

On Flour Box you’ll find stunning designs created by Bluprint instructor and popular cookie decorator Anne Yorks. On her main site, you can shop for cutters and supplies. One click over to her blog and you’ll find all the info you need on how to use the goods! 


Cookies by Haniela's

Image via Haniela’s

Haniela is a certified cookie video sensation. If you’re into cookies you’ve probably spotted her work scrolling around social media. On her blog, Haniela’s,  you’ll find an extensive list of cookie decorating tutorials and recipes, along with other sweets. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list! What other blogs would you add? Let us know in the comments!



Can’t leave out Marlyn of Montreal Confections and Mike at Semi Sweets Design. The BEST part of the “cookie world” is how helpful and kind these talented cookiers are.
Thanks y’all.

Julia M Usher

Thanks for featuring my site Cookie Connection! It’s an honor to be included among the other cookiers listed here! I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all of my amazing contributors who regularly provide tutorials, challenges, and other content to Cookie Connection, all on a volunteer basis. The site wouldn’t be what it is without their wonderful and hard work!


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