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Deck the Halls With These Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Christmas brings with it an array of traditions, but some of the most common include holiday baking and trimming the tree. These ornament cupcakes treats make the best of both Christmas classics.

This holiday season, deck the halls in the sweetest decor with these Christmas ornament cupcakes!

Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial

What you need

  • Red, green, light gray and white fondant
  • Fondant rolling pin with 1/8″ an 1/16″ guide rings
  • 2 7/8″ circle cutter
  • Round decorating tip (no specific tip size; I used No. 12)
  • ¼” wooden dowels
  • Silver and white shimmer dust
  • Brushes
  • Precision knife
  • Water/edible glue
  • Cupcakes 
  • Icing and small spatula
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Embossing mat with desired pattern
  • Snowflake cutter/plunger
  • Rolling pastry cutter
  • Miniature diamond cutter
  • Optional: clear alcohol and corn syrup
Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial Step 1

Step 1:

Roll light gray fondant a ¼” thick — I use a rolling pin and ¼” wooden dowels as guide rings. With the bottom of a round decorating tip, cut out a small circle.

Step 2:

Roll the gray fondant circle into a ball with your fingers, then shape it into a cylinder. Smooth the perimeter with one hand, while flattening the top and bottom with your fingers on the other hand. 

Step 3:

Roll some additional light gray fondant on your work surface to create a thin, spaghetti-like shape. Trim it to approximately ¾” long, then bend both ends down so that the tips touch, creating a loop.

Step 4:

Brush silver shimmer dust over the cylinder and the loop.

Step 5:

Glue the loop to the cylinder and set it aside to dry as you continue. Repeat the above steps for as many cupcakes your are planning to decorate.

Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial Step 2

Step 6:

Roll out red fondant 1/8″ thick with the rolling pin and guide rings. Cut out a circle with the 2 7/8″ round cutter. Keep in mind that you might need use a slightly different size cutter depending on your cupcake.

Step 7:

Us the small spatula to lightly ice a cupcake. Don’t apply too much icing: you don’t want the icing to seep out when you attach the fondant.

Step 8:

Place the red fondant upside down in the palm of your hand. Turn the cupcake upside down center it over the fondant. Gently press down and turn both right side up.  Pat down the sides of the fondant circle to fit nicely over the cupcake. Repeat these steps to create additional ornaments in both red and green fondant.

Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial Step 3

Step 9:

Roll out green fondant with the rolling pin, but leave it a bit thicker than normal. Apply a thin layer of vegetable shortening over the fondant, then place your embossing mat over it. Roll the rolling pin with 1/8″ guide rings over it to emboss the pattern on the fondant. Cut out a circle from the embossed fondant with the circle cutter.

Step 10:

Ice the cupcake and add the embossed fondant. Repeat these steps for additional ornaments and colors.

Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial Step 4

Step 11:

Roll out white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/16″ guide rings. Cut out a snowflake with a cutter or plunger. 

Step 12:

Brush the snowflake with white shimmer dust and glue it to one of your ornament cupcakes. Repeat as necessary. Glue the snowflake a little off center on the ornament to allow room for the loop.

Christmas Ornament Cupcake Tutorial Step 5

Step 13:

Roll out a larger piece of white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/16″ guide rings. Using the rolling pastry cutter, trim a long piece approximately ¾” wide. Fit it over a cupcakes and use the circle cutter to mark where you will trim it. Then place it on your work surface and trim it with the cutter.

Step 14:

Brush white shimmer dust over the white strip and glue it on your cupcake, making sure you place it a little farther down to allow room for the loop.

Step 15:

Roll out colored fondant (a different color from your cupcake) and cut out five miniature diamond shapes with the cutter. Glue them over the white strip on the cupcake. Repeat for opposite color. 

Step 16:

Finish them off by gluing the silver loops on the ornaments.


If you want to make your ornament shiny, combine equal parts clear alcohol (like vodka) and corn syrup. Once the fondant has dried a bit, paint the mixture over the fondant. See more ideas on how to add sheen to your fondant here!

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Get creative with your ornaments! Add different shapes and patterns, and experiment with edible markers. Personalize them with names, initials or the year!

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Janis S. TheCookieMomster

These are very creative….however, it would take me forever to make the cylinders and loops…..too bad this wasn’t posted back in June! 🙂


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