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You Know You’re a Cake Decorator When…

Cakers…we’re an odd bunch.

We keep strange hours. We have a language all our own, and we have many interesting experiences unique to our breed. If you find yourself nodding along as you read through this list, then you, my friend, are one of us.

You know you’re a cake designer when…

1. You’ve rolled through a big box store with a cart full of butter at 3 a.m.

2. You know way too much about popular children’s show characters…and you don’t even have kids. 

3. You find yourself piping pearls with your toothpaste. 

Cake border piped with pink buttercream

4. You sneeze the rainbow.

5. Your phone is filled with photos of gift wrap, sheet sets, greeting cards, kid’s T-shirts and anything else you saw while shopping and thought, “That could totally be a cake.”

6. You live for the look on the hardware store employee’s face when they ask what you’re building and your answer is, “A cake.”

7. Saturday is your Friday.

8. You’ve mixed 17 different colors to get the perfect shade of buttercream.

9. For their birthdays, your friends ask for things like spa days and shoes, but you ask for cake tools and classes. (Although, I do need a new pair of clogs…)

Gold lace cake

From Lavish Layered Lace Designs with Faye Cahill

10. Your newsfeed is 90 percent cakes, 10 percent everything else.

11. When looking through someone’s wedding pictures, you skip the ceremony and dress shots and head straight for the cake pics.

12. Your significant other has approached you and quietly whispered into your ear, “You’ve got buttercream on the back of your neck.” 

13. You have reoccurring nightmares about either forgetting to make a cake or dropping a cake.

14. You wake up in the middle of the night with a great cake idea and can’t fall back to sleep.

15. You can no longer actually enjoy a slice of cake without over analyzing the layers, texture and flavors.

16. When your child goes to a birthday party, they first ask if it’s Swiss meringue or American buttercream before accepting a slice of cake.

17. You see a celebrity wedding in the news and your first thought is, “I wonder who did the cake?”

Frosting a cake with an offset spatula

18. You’ve used an offset spatula to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

19. You start designing your kid’s next birthday cake 30 seconds after they’ve cut into this year’s cake.

20. You make someone’s day with a beautiful cake and realize all the craziness is worthwhile.

Buttercream Cake

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Adriana F

Loved this!


I started making cakes about a year ago after retirement. I see myself in so many of these… especially the one about sleeping and waking up with a good idea. Most nights I go to sleep thinking about new things I want to try.

Janice Beckles

So true!

Nancy Waddell

Fabulous. I used to be that way. Got a giggle out of many of them.


Looking forward to being “in it” and professional enough to have many of these points apply to me… although I’m sure I’ll have Number 13 before that!


Nice post but as I i think taking the ingredients in the exact quantity is the first key to make a perfect cake designer and cleanliness depends on the person baking the cakes.


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