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Watch Two Cake Superstars Tackle the Geode Trend

Since rising cake star Rachael Teufel released her geode cake last year, it’s been taking the internet by storm. And as of today, we’ve got some exciting news for fans of the geode trend: Rachael’s back with a brand new take on your favorite cake!

This time she’s teaming up with the Joshua John Russell as the first ever guest on his weekly YouTube show, Man About Cake. Tune in below to see the sweet sidekicks create their cake collab (and don’t forget to subscribe to the Man About Cake YouTube channel to keep up with each new episode from Joshua!).

Want to see more from Rachael?


Check out her latest Bluprint class, Covering Cakes in Fondant: Round, Square & Shaped.Take a Look »



The best Man About Cake episode ever. Rachael is fantastic.


Love the Agate cake. It’s really different and gorgeous. Why do you use a knife to level cake layers? I love the wire cake levelers, no guessing, no oopsies where you have to cut again. I know you guys are pros but a lot of us aren’t and don’t level as many cakes as you do. It can’t be the cost, they only cost a few bucks. They are especially great when you are doing thin layers. I just love them.
Thanks for the helpful tutorial. My guess is we are going to see a lot of new ideas in geode cake design in the next year. Look at what Rachael has added to the original cake. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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