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Stars & Stripes: 4th of July Fondant Cupcakes

With Independence Day coming up, show your patriotism with red, white and blue cupcakes, while also learning to create fondant patterns for your future sweet projects!

How to make a sparkling stars and stripes fondant topper

Stars and  Stripes fondant tutorial

What you need

  • Red, white and blue fondant
  • Fondant rolling pin with 1/8″ and 1/16″ guide rings
  • Water or edible glue and brush
  • 2¼” circle cutter
  • Small star cutter
  • Large star cutter
  • USA letter cutters
  • Rolling pastry cutter
  • Small modeling stick
  • Spatula
  • Fondant storage board
  • Vegetable shortening
Patriotic fondant tutorial step 1

Step 1:

Roll out blue fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Use the 2¼” circle cutter to make a light indentation on the blue fondant. This will help you to space out the stars within the circle, but if you don’t mind having sporadic patterns or cutting off stars once complete, skip making the light indentation.

Step 2:

With the small star cutter, punch out little stars from the blue fondant and set some of the stars aside for later. Allow the blue fondant to sit for a bit to dry just slightly so that when you move it, it doesn’t lose its shape.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 2

Step 3:

Roll out white fondant thin with the rolling pin and 1/16″ guide rings. Use the rolling pastry cutter to trim off some of the blue fondant around the circle you indented to avoid wasting too much fondant.

Step 4:

Spread some water or edible glue on the bottom of the blue fondant (making sure you keep the circle as close to its original form as possible) and glue it to the thin white fondant piece. Use the spatula to move the blue fondant so it does not fold, bend or stretch. Feel free to spread a bit of vegetable shortening to the surface of the fondant to ensure it remains soft as you continue working with it.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 3

Step 5:

Roll out white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Cut out stars with the small star cutter (the same quantity as you did from the blue fondant).

Step 6:

Apply water or edible glue to the bottom of each star and carefully insert them into the star openings in the blue fondant. Since you just cut them out, they are still soft enough to mold into the existing star cavities. If they are too delicate to handle, apply vegetable shortening to avoid tearing or drying.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 4

Step 7:

Line up the 2¼” round cutter as closely as possible to the existing circle indentation, then cut it out completely. Set the fondant topper aside to dry.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 5

Step 8:

Roll out white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings and with the rolling pastry cutter, cut out six or seven strips of equal widths.

Step 9:

Place the white fondant strips inside the storage board to ensure they remain soft and set it aside.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 6

Step 10:

Repeat the steps above to cut out strips from the red fondant and place them alongside the white fondant in the storage board.

Step 11:

Roll out white fondant thin with the rolling pin and 1/16″ guide rings.

Step 12:

Make a slight indentation with the 2¼” circle cutter on the thin white fondant and cut the excess off with the rolling pastry cutter to avoid excess waste. Make sure you leave a bit of room, just in case!

Step 13:

Apply water or edible glue to the thin white fondant and glue the red and white strips, alternating colors. Start at one end and work horizontally toward the other end, making sure your strips are fairly straight.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 7

Step 14:

Once you have completed gluing the striped pattern down, use the 2¼” round cutter to punch out a circle. Set it aside and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Patriotic fondant tutorial step 8

Step 15:

Roll out white fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings and cut out a large star with the cutter.

Step 16:

Roll out both blue and red fondant with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings and cut out USA with the corresponding letter cutters.

Step 17:

Use the small modeling stick to make little indentations around the perimeter of the fondant star for added decoration. Make additional indentations through the center of the letters.

Step 18:

Glue the letters to the center of the star and add a few of the blue stars you had originally cut to further embellish the fondant topper. Allow to dry thoroughly.

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Patriotic fondant tutorial
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