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11 Sweet Heart Shaped Cakes

Love is sweet, but cake is delicious. Luckily, you can enjoy both in one sweet confectionery form with a heart shaped cake. A bit different than an expected round or rectangle cake shape, it’s nonetheless very easy to create, either with a special pan or simply by cutting a cake into a heart shape. A heart shaped cake also opens the door to some lovely cake decorating ideas and an opportunity to create a piece of sweet art.

Feel the love with this collection of inspiring heart shaped cakes.

Red Heart Cake with Slice Missing
Photo via Sprinkle Bakes

Red velvet heart cake:

This cake is made for romance. Red velvet cake layers are simply stacked with cream cheese icing, and then cleverly topped all over with red cake crumbles (you could crumble the scraps from when you level the cakes) for an eye catching and vibrant red treat.

Heart Cake with Flowers on Sides
Photo via Craftsy member Thelma UK 1953

Pastel flower heart:

Here’s an example of a lovely heart shaped cake that would be at home at a fancy luncheon or at a birthday party. The heart cake is topped with buttercream to a smooth finish (a crusting buttercream works well for projects like this) and then topped with gorgeous flowers along the edge and pretty stripes piped along the sides.

Mini Hearts-Shaped Rainbow-Colored Cakes
Photo via Wine and Glue

Rainbow heart cakes:

Ready to party? Make a batch of these vibrant rainbow mini heart cakes for an instant festive feel. Layers of rainbow cake are baked in separate low pans then cut out with a cookie cutter and stacked with buttercream for this lovely effect.

Pink Basketweave Heart Cake with White Flowers
Photo via Craftsy member Viannecakes

Basketweave heart cake:

A basket of love can be created quite easily in buttercream: simply follow the example of this cake and use a basketweave tip to create a pattern on the side, and some flowers on the top for a color contrast that really catches the eye.

Pink Heart Cake with Sprinkles Along Edges
Photo via Better Recipes’ Daily Dish

Simple heart cake:

Of course, sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. This simple cake, shaped like a heart and iced with pink buttercream, is only “decorated” by the shape of the cake and by some colorful sprinkles on the side. Simple, but stunning.

Mini Heart and Round Cakes with Pretty Tops
Photo via Craftsy member Sweet Delights

Patterned cupcake toppers:

Using cake impression mats on rolled fondant and then cutting them out in heart shapes can be an easy way to make your cupcakes heart shaped and sweet! These cupcakes go one step further, with dragées and small flower details.

3 Heart Cupcakes with Metallic Frosting
Photo via Craftsy member Sibel

Metallic heart cupcakes:

Created in the same basic method as the cupcakes pictured above, this batch of elegant heart shaped cupcakes also feature metallic luster detailing.

White Cake with Red Roses on Edges
Photo via Craftsy member Lisascakes

Flower and bead piping:

Break out the decorating bag and your decorating tips. This cake, iced in white buttercream, gets its decorating wow factor from a piped bead border along the bottom of the cake, and piped roses in a vibrant red along the top edge, which not only accentuates the heart shape, but is lovely all on its own.

Heart Cake with Smiley Face, Running with Flowers
Photo via Betty Bakery

Heart guy cake:

Whimsical and clever! This heart cake accentuated with piped black icing to form a little face, arms and legs, and a bouquet of flowers. A simple cake shape is instantly rendered whimsical and romantically sweet.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes on Plate with Strawberries
Photo via Camille Styles

Heart shaped pancakes:

Of course, who says you need icing at all? These heart shaped pancakes prove that heart shaped cakes are ideal for morning eating, making it a lovely day from the start.

Love is in the air with these sweet cakes! Which do you prefer–a sweet and simple heart shaped cake, or an ornate and over-the-top affair?



What a great post!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks Craftsy!!! I love reading your blog!!!!


every Dil shape very nice

Ana Maria Adrianzen

Todos estan muy bonitos y seguro que deben saber super ricos, pongan las recetas por favor

Brenda Jackson

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Love this post…I have always loved heart shaped cakes…I guess I am a romantic. But I especially love the first red velvet cake with it’s own crumbs what a genius idea. Thanks Craftsy for such a good post.


thank you




I dont like Heart shape but I like so cake heart shape so Ilik it………………….


I like it dil shape because My heart very big……………………….. what are you like it dil shape………………………………..


Just want to inform you that your creation is being copied for commercial purposes here

By Gökhan

great! a beautiful cake, Thank you very much. I want to make one of these cakes.


it is a alright cake


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