What's In It For You?

From classic startup fare to signature perks, we offer our team far more than the basics, particularly when it comes to building an exceptional career.

Table Stakes

To start, we take care of the basics, with competitive pay, a 401K plan and match, health insurance, gym discounts, bike storage, discounted cable & internet and, of course, bagel Thursdays.

Only at Craftsy

Our calling card for team culture is "surprise & delight." We relish opportunities to create community, celebrate bright spots and replenish our spirits (often quite literally).

Learn It

You'll get lifetime access to our entire catalog of classes.

Team Craftsy

Surround yourself with bright, inspiring individuals who share ideas generously, challenge each other with respect and always take the time to help.

Team Craftsy


Opportunities abound after completing impactful work here. Check out what one alumna is building with the leadership skills she developed at Craftsy.

Amy, VP Product at Havenly

"Working closely with people a lot smarter than me really helped me develop as a leader."