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Decadent Chocolate Cakes

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Decadent Chocolate Cakes

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Q&A with Nancydevries

Krafla asked:
Wonderful cake! Is the sides and the pearls made from modelling chocolate? Very clever to use a pearl mold!
Nancydevries answered:
The sides are just melted chocolat as in the film, but i did the pearl mold with modeling chocolat.
WOW, what nice! :) i still not succeed in making curly chocolade. May i ask wat kind of chocolade brand you use (in case you also live in HOLLAND like me) :) Thanks in advance
Nancydevries answered:
Ik kom inderdaad ook uit nederland:) en gebruik gewoon de calabout chocolade. ging eiegenlijk best goed, je moet alleen precies het goede moment hebben, niet te koud en niet te warm.

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