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with Michael Kalanty
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The Art & Science of Bread

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Discover the fascinating science of bread making for your best results yet, with baking instructor and cookbook author Michael Kalanty as your guide. First, become familiar with the four basic ingredients used to make bread and get to know the role that each plays in the dough system. Then, find out how salt and water affect the formation of gluten in your dough, and master Michael's go-to methods for development. Walk through each step of fermentation next, and find out how to control this process for flavorful results. Plus, understand the physics behind proper shaping, and learn how to create your own proof box to control temperature and humidity. Finally, learn what happens during the three stages of baking for consistently rewarding results.


  • advanced
  • 6 episodes
  • 2h26m

Included in this Class

1. The Ecosystem of Bread

1. The Ecosystem of Bread

Meet Chef Michael Kalanty and explore the basic four ingredients used to make bread. Michael will introduce you to the characteristics of these ingredients and the general roles they play in the dough system. And, you'll see how to properly mix ingredients as you begin to create your dough.

2. The Chemistry of Gluten

2. The Chemistry of Gluten

Begin exploring the world of gluten. From glutenin to gliadin, Michael breaks down the science of it all and explains how salt and water affect the formation of the gluten you love so much. And, learn Michael's go-to methods for development that ensure the best results every time.

3. Fermentation Civilization

3. Fermentation Civilization

It's time to get to know yeast better. Michael will walk you through the stages of fermentation and explain what is happening to the dough structure during each step of this process. Plus, you'll find out how to control fermentation for your tastiest bread yet.