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with Jenny McCoy
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Simple to Sensational Doughnuts

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Join renowned pastry chef Jenny McCoy as she shares the secrets behind making a variety of bakery-style doughnuts at home! Expertly mix dough for fritters and classic cake and yeasted doughnuts. Then, learn how to roll out and shape your dough for melt-in-your-mouth long Johns, doughnut holes, Bismarcks and beyond. Jenny will show you how to use a heavy pot you already have in your kitchen to fry your doughnuts. Plus, get tips on using the right oil, and how to build and maintain the right temperature to achieve browned but tender doughnut perfection. You’ll also find out how to expertly fill your doughnuts with tempting vanilla bean custard, mascarpone and more. Finally, dip, dunk and decorate your pastries with homemade vanilla glaze, flavored sugars, toasted coconut and even bacon — just try not to dig right in!


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  • 7 episodes
  • 1h48m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Apple Fritters

1. Introduction & Apple Fritters

Meet your instructor, professional baker and pastry chef Jenny McCoy, then dive right into making a deep-fried favorite, apple fritters. Jenny shows how to mix the fritter batter and discusses options for a variety of fruit fillings, then cooks the fritters in a tabletop fryer. Don't have a fryer? Jenny will explain in the next lesson how to make fritters or doughnuts on the stovetop. You'll also learn how to tell when the fritters are cooked through and ready to enjoy!

2. Cake Doughnuts

2. Cake Doughnuts

Mix up your dough for cake doughnuts using Jenny's tips, then roll out your dough and cut it into classic doughnut shapes. Jenny discusses the gear you'll need to fry doughnuts safely on your stovetop and shows how to spot the qualities of a perfect doughnut.

3. Classic Yeast Doughnuts

3. Classic Yeast Doughnuts

For a truly decadent doughnut, try Jenny's recipe for a buttery, yeasted version that will rise to the occasion. Jenny shares her techniques for mixing, proofing and rolling out the dough, and demonstrates how to fry your doughnuts to perfection.