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with Michael Kalanty
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Secrets to Whole-Grain Bread Baking

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Bake your best whole-grain bread with expert guidance from renowned baking instructor and cookbook author Michael Kalanty. Find out how to approach any recipe like a professional baker, as Michael demystifies bread-baking and key concepts from ambient temperature to crumb. Then, learn how to mix, develop and ferment your bread like a pro. Michael will show you how to master a number of favorite shapes and even incorporate solid garnishes such as seeds and grains into your loaves for hearty, toothsome results. Add impressive breads, including raisin whole-wheat swirls, rustic whole-grain boules and even multi-seed bâtards to your baking repertoire today!


  • advanced
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h3m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started With Whole-Grain Baking

1. Getting Started With Whole-Grain Baking

Meet chef Michael Kalanty and get a look at the breads you'll make, then review the key bread ingredients, learn the concept of "desired dough temperature" and get a primer on the language of baking. Finally, prepare your mise en place -- properly measuring out all your ingredients for the first recipe, a honey whole-wheat sandwich bread.

2. Dough Development & Fermentation

2. Dough Development & Fermentation

Michael walks you through the sequence of baking as he prepares the honey whole-wheat dough. Learn about dough hydration, then develop the dough's structure with kneading. The dough ferments as it rises, creating flavor; Michael shows how to punch it down to remove the carbon dioxide that can make your bread bitter.

3. Shaping, Proofing & Baking

3. Shaping, Proofing & Baking

Once the dough has fermented, you'll prepare it for baking. Learn how to separate the dough and shape it to fit into loaf pans to proof. Then slash the top and add a little butter! Michael explains the stages of baking and shows how to evaluate your finished loaf.