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with Martha Holmberg
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Savory Tarts, Quiches & Galettes

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Discover the secrets to savory pastries with cookbook author Martha Holmberg as your guide. Learn how to properly thaw, roll and shape frozen puff pastry into appetizers, including Provençal pizza and mini quiches. Next, find out how to layer delicate filo dough for tender, flaky pastries as you learn to make a caramelized cabbage and sausage strudel. Achieve the perfect pie crust and classic quiche with the best methods for lining a pie pan with homemade pâte brisée dough and pre-baking your crust before it’s filled. Then, fill your tart like a pro as you create a decadent double-crusted green-chili torta using stress-free layering techniques. Finally, make a round, pleated border for a luscious goat cheese and herb galette that makes a main course you'’ll crave any day of the week.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h33m

Included in this Class

1. Puff Pastry

1. Puff Pastry

Meet your instructor, Martha Holmberg, and make your first delectable creation as you learn to roll out, pierce and top premade puff pastry for a deliciously fresh and savory Provençal pizza. Then conquer make-ahead mini quiches.

2. Working With Filo Dough

2. Working With Filo Dough

Intimidated by filo? No need to be, says Martha, who will show you that the dough is more forgiving than you might think as she demonstrates making a filo strudel, a Mediterranean greens and feta pie as well as stuffed filo triangles.

3. Making Pâte Brisée

3. Making Pâte Brisée

Turn your focus to a homemade crust as you explore how to make pâte brisée, the classic French unsweetened pastry dough, perfect for savory creations. Learn to make it with the help of a food processor or entirely by hand.