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with Gale Gand
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Mastering Meringue: Techniques & Treats

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Master the four types of meringue and learn how to incorporate them into your baking and cooking with step-by-step guidance from James Beard Award-winner Gale Gand. From perfect plain meringue and sweet French meringue to rich Italian and dairy-free Swiss meringues, learn the techniques you need for your best results every time. Then, find out how to use your new arsenal of meringues to make an irresistible spinach and cheese soufflé, fluffy pancakes, decadent chocolate mousse, pavlova, Concord cake, buttercream and more! Plus, Gale will share troubleshooting techniques and pro tips for meringue that's as delicious as it is versatile!


  • intermediate
  • 8 episodes
  • 3h14m

Included in this Class

1. Separating & Whipping Egg Whites

1. Separating & Whipping Egg Whites

Meet chef, cookbook author and James Beard Award winner Gale Gand and dive into the world of meringue. Gale shows how to separate eggs, then whips her way through the stages of meringue from froth to stiff peaks. You'll also review some of the equipment that is key to meringue success.

2. Plain Meringue

2. Plain Meringue

Plain meringue adds loft to dishes both savory and sweet. Fold it into a spinach and cheese mixture to create a light and flavorful soufflé that's perfect for any meal, or use it to create the fluffiest of pancakes, served with luscious strawberries.

3. French Meringue

3. French Meringue

Add sugar to your egg whites to create French meringue, the basis for a decadent chocolate mousse. Gale shows how to prepare and pipe the mousse, then demonstrates how the same meringue can become toothsome orange kisses with ingredients that stabilize the meringue as you bake it.