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with Gale Gand
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Creamy, Dreamy Custards: Techniques & Treats

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Make crave-worthy custard from scratch with guidance from James Beard Award winner Gale Gand. First, get Gale's tips for making egg-, starch- and gelatin-thickened custards. Then, transform each of your custards into versatile treats, including irresistible crème anglaise. Whip up stovetop custards with ease before using them to make whole-egg lemon curd, rich rice pudding and more. Discover the secrets to surprisingly simple crème brûlée, guaranteed to become a signature dish the first time it's served. And, learn Gale's tips for working with starch as you make pastry cream, vanilla pudding and even butterscotch pudding. Finally, take your custards to the oven to make French clafoutis and upside-down apple pancakes. Plus, add traditional Italian panna cotta and luscious raspberry Bavarian cream tarts to your repertoire, sure to be hits wherever they go.


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  • 1h44m

Included in this Class

1. Egg-Thickened Custards

1. Egg-Thickened Custards

Meet Chef Gale Gand and begin class with a classic custard every cook should know: crème anglaise. This versatile, egg-thickened sauce is the basis of myriad delectable desserts. Make it with Gale's guidance, then drizzle it over berries or turn it into ice cream!

2. More Stovetop Custards

2. More Stovetop Custards

Continue with stovetop custards to make three desserts: a wine-based sabayon (or zabaglione) sauce, a whole-egg lemon curd and a comforting rice pudding. Gale talks about the challenges of using eggs as a thickener and shows how to cook a custard gently in a double boiler.

3. Oven Custards

3. Oven Custards

Gale's oven-baked custards are so good, you might find yourself fending off marriage proposals when you serve them! Elegant crème brûlée is simple once you learn Gale's tricks for this four-ingredient dessert. She'll also show you how to wow your guests with caramel chocolate bread pudding, using whole eggs.