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with Nancie McDermott
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Classic Pies Made Easy

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Confidently create five no-fuss crusts and nine luscious fillings with guidance from author and renowned instructor Nancie McDermott. Learn how to make shortcut and crumb crusts for pies in a pinch, and discover the secrets behind traditional crusts you’ll crave. Then, create creamy buttermilk and sweet potato custard pies and get a faux buttermilk recipe that’s a seamless substitute for the real thing! Next, master the ultimate southern delicacy, chess pie, and get Nancie's recipe for a pecan variation you’ll love. Bake sweet and tangy rhubarb pie and get tricks for quick and easy lattice tops. Create a decadent blackberry cobbler and sky-high meringue packed with butterscotch filling before making Nancie's favorite strawberry ice-box pie and adding homemade whipped cream to your impressive repertoire!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h44m

Included in this Class

1. Shortcut Crusts

1. Shortcut Crusts

Meet your instructor, food writer and cooking teacher Nancie McDermott. You'll start with an overview of what you'll learn over the course of this class, followed by some of Nancie's best shortcut crusts that pack the maximum amount of deliciousness into the shortest amount of prep time. You'll receive recipes and pro tips for crumb crusts and crusts made with vegetable oil, which are both ideal for pies that can be made in a pinch.

2. Traditional Crusts

2. Traditional Crusts

Discover the secrets for creating traditional crusts as Nancie explains tried-and-true methods for baking shortening- and lard-based crusts. You'll learn the best mixing methods for consistent, predictable crusts as well as valuable techniques for rolling out your dough and storing leftovers. The result is a delicious, freshly baked crust that tastes like the recipe has been passed down through the ages!

3. Custard Pies

3. Custard Pies

Indulge your sweet tooth as you sample some -- or all! -- of Nancie's decadent custard pies. Use the recipes supplied with each class to create delicious buttermilk and sweet potato pies, including a surprising and fun faux buttermilk recipe that will come to the rescue if "real" buttermilk isn't within reach!