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Classic & Creative Strudel From Scratch

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Learn how to make three types of strudel dough and a variety of delectable fillings with guidance from award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author Nick Malgieri. To begin, learn both hand-thrown and stand-mixer methods for developing gluten in your first strudel dough. Then, Nick walks you through each step of stretching your dough to transparent thinness and patching overstretched areas with ease. Pack your dough with sweet apple filling and master a tablecloth rolling technique to achieve the perfect shape every time. Up Next, Nick shows you how to make a wonderful grape strudel that won't burst. And, you'll master a sweet dough strudel loaded with poppyseed filling and formed into a classic braid style, sure to set your pastries apart. Finally, work with yeast dough strudel for a spiraled walnut treat you'll devour, and learn how to make strudel even when you're short on time!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h0m

Included in this Class

1. Classic Strudel Dough

1. Classic Strudel Dough

Meet your instructor Nick Malgieri and make strudel at home! Briefly learn the origin of strudel in Eastern Europe and get started making the basic dough. Work your muscles with Nick's hand-thrown method to develop gluten, or save energy and use a stand mixer. Don't forget to let the dough rest!

2. Classic Strudel Fillings

2. Classic Strudel Fillings

Make classic strudel fillings! Begin with two sweet fillings by cooking apples with currants and finishing with walnuts for a tasty apple filling and recreating the traditional "topfen" cheese by mixing cream cheese and ricotta together for a sweet cheese filling. You'll also make a savory cabbage filling.

3. Apple Strudel

3. Apple Strudel

Stretch your strudel dough paper thin over a table. Don't worry about over-stretching the dough, Nick shows you how to patch a tear. Then, stuff with the sweet apple filling and roll the strudel with Nick's tablecloth rolling technique. Bake and serve with whipped cream or a vanilla custard sauce.