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with Zoë François
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Artisan Bread in Minutes

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Learn time-saving techniques for making basic and specialty loaves in minutes, with guidance from best-selling cookbook author Zoë François! First, mix a large batch of no-knead dough that makes enough for four 1-pound loaves and stores in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Then, explore the wide range of breads you can make. Get creative with an olive-stuffed couronne, a cheesy boule and even an herb loaf baked in your slow cooker! Find out how to shape and bake baguettes, bâtards and more, and learn Zoë's secrets for go-to sandwich loaves. Plus, get tips on cooking Indian naan and make your fluffiest pita bread yet! Homemade pizza has never been easier with Zoë's no-cook sauce and tips for tossing dough like a pro. Finally, jump-start your morning with sweet and savory breakfast treats: a braided loaf stuffed with spinach and feta, pinwheels filled with sweet cream cheese and jam, and even super-simple, super-sticky cinnamon buns.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h25m

Included in this Class

1. The Master Recipe

1. The Master Recipe

Meet chef Zoë François and learn about the variety of delicious breads you'll be making in this class, then dive right into mixing up the master no-knead dough and baking your first crusty loaf. Along the way, you'll learn about different baking surfaces and some other handy tools for making this easy and delectable bread.

2. Boule Variations & Slow-Cooker Bread

2. Boule Variations & Slow-Cooker Bread

The master dough recipe is large enough to make four 1-pound loaves, so you'll have many opportunities to experiment with variations: an olive-stuffed ring-shaped couronne, a cheesy boule baked in a Dutch oven, and an herbed loaf cooked in a slow cooker. Zoë shows you how!

3. Baguettes

3. Baguettes

It's true -- you can make sublime baguettes and bâtards (essentially, big baguettes) at home, as well as crunchy rolls and elegant pain d'epi, which are loaves that are shaped like stalks of wheat. It's all in the shaping, stretching, cutting and folding. Zoë walks you through each step as you create show-stopping loaves.