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Enliven Your Bread Basket: Creative Yeast Bread Recipes

If you want to liven up your bread basket, you’re going to need a new homemade yeast recipe or two. From pumpkin shaped rolls to light-as-air bread with a rich butter flavor to even some reindeer-themed mini breads, this is a collection bound to inspire some serious carb-o-loading.

Learning how to make yeast bread isn’t hard; you can easily learn all of the basics in Craftsy course Artisan Bread Making. Instructor Peter Reinhart (who also teaches the FREE Perfect Pizza at Home) will educate you in all the stages of bread making, as well as on proper mixing and measuring techniques, so that you’ll be proofing and kneading like a pro in no time!

Photo via Craftsy instructor Peter Reinhart

Once you’re equipped with the know-how, these creative yeast bread recipes will keep you inspired for future bread making projects.

Basket Filled with Bread - Yeast Bread Recipes on Craftsy

Photo via Craftsy member catrionafitz

Mini rustic bread rolls:

Do you love the flavor of rustic bread but crave something cuter? Here’s a simple solution: simply divide the dough into smaller elongated shapes. You’ll get the artisan experience with a sweet mini loaf look. 

Pretzel with Course Salt, on

Photo via CakeSpy for Craftsy

Pretzel rolls:

Guess what? You can take a classic soft pretzel recipe and make it into bread. Simply skip the shaping, and instead, form the pretzels into small rolls. You’ll have a flavorful yeast bread that’s a little different but will certainly please eaters of all ages. Recipe here

Baked Rolls on a Pan

Photo via Donna Currie for Serious Eats

Semelle rolls:

This classic Italian roll is “astonishingly easy” to make, and yields a fine, well flavored result. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re a pretty addition to any bread basket. Get the Semelle Rolls  Recipe here.

Pumpkin Rolls in Basket with Towel

Photo via Kirbie’s Cravings

Pumpkin shaped rolls:

Making rolls? A few strategic slices in the sides of the dough will yield simply adorable results, as proven by this mini pumpkin roll tutorial. These would be a hit at Thanksgiving, sure, but would be well received all autumn long. Recipe here.

Epi Bread, on Craftsy

Photo via Craftsy member Aria Dawn

Epi bread:

This leaf-shaped bread is easy to serve — it can be pulled apart or sliced along the seams. The shape is very pretty, so it’s practically centerpiece-worthy on its own, making it an impressive as well as delicious bread. Craftsy member Aria Dawn learned to make this while enrolled in Artisan Bread Making

Turkey-Shaped Bread

Photo via The Fresh Loaf

Turkey shaped loaf:

Here’s an idea — shape your loaf like a Thanksgiving turkey! Guests may or may not be fighting over the drumsticks. This could also be repurposed as a Christmas goose shaped bread, too. Recipe here.

Braided Bread, on

Photo via Craftsy member MistPanther

Croissant braid:

This braided bread, which is actually composed of croissant dough, is bound to impress dinner guests with its beauty. Its indulgent, buttery flavor certainly won’t hurt. This braid was made using Colette Christian’s croissant dough recipe from her Craftsy class Classic Croissants at Home.

Reindeer Rolls

Photo via Taste of Home

Overnight reindeer rolls:

Once you’ve made the dough, all you need is a pair of scissors; a few clever snips result in a reindeer shape once these rolls are baked. Even better? You can prepare them the night before and fill your house with the scent of fresh bread in the morning. Recipe here.

Really impress your fellow diners by topping these creative breads with homemade butter or homemade jam! You might also enjoy our post on how to make bagels at home.

Tomorrow on the Craftsy blog, we’ll share a tutorial on how to make cranberry sauce from scratch. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Are you planning on serving any homemade bread at your holiday table this year?

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gary woodwardsmith

I want to make a braided bread that has sausage and cheese in each braid. I usually use frozen bread dough but cannot find it in any stores. I need a good recipe for bread dough.


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