Watercolor Painting

Discover the breathtaking techniques and drawing and painting essentials that will make your artwork stand out from the crowd!

5 Ways to Paint Falling Snow in Watercolor

By Maria Stezhko

Falling snow is tricky to recreate in watercolor, but luckily, there are five ways to master the soft, serene look. Try them all — you can even combine techniques for a more realistic rendition!

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Two cat silhouettes

Secrets for Painting Silhouettes: 11 Expert Tips & 2 Easy Tutorials

By Sara Barnes

At first glance, a silhouette seems like simple subject to render in paint. But "simple" doesn't mean "boring"! In fact, because silhouettes are easy to paint, they present an opportunity to explore more creative possibilities and experiment with new techniques or mediums. Check out two tutorials packed with tips for painting silhouettes in two different ways.

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The 3 Elements Every Watercolor Still Life Needs

By Cady Driver

A still life painting won't really come to life without three key elements: depth, light and color. Follow along as one of Craftsy's expert painting bloggers paints a realistic still life, and apply her tips to your own artwork.

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