Still Life

Discover the breathtaking techniques and drawing and painting essentials that will make your artwork stand out from the crowd!

The 3 Elements Every Watercolor Still Life Needs

By Cady Driver

A still life painting won't really come to life without three key elements: depth, light and color. Follow along as one of Craftsy's expert painting bloggers paints a realistic still life, and apply her tips to your own artwork.

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Layering Colors Watercolor Still Life Painting

First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Study in Still Life

By Kelsey Loughman

This First Friday in June we want to focus on still life paintings, the timeless style that often champions the artistic over the representational and breathes life into the lifeless. So many talented artist's in the Craftsy community have contributed their still life works. View this gallery to see some of our many favorite still life works!

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