Painting Projects & Ideas(42)

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Light & Shadow Exercise
In the heart of Tex
Completed Self-Portrait
The Full Picture
Vacation's End
Irish prayer
Portrait of Tracey
Oil Study from Life
Current project!
Wash Technique Studies
Tabby Cat Portrait
Portrait #2
Twin Peaks
Dark Horse
photo samples of features
Portrait in progress
Eye, Muzzle & Ears
Color Study Portrait
Pictures Last Longer
Portraits of Anna & Tsedal
Portrait #1
Finishing the Portrait
Finished Portrait
Drawing: Early Stages
Finishing Details
Tonal Study
Adding Warm & Cool Colors
Portraits of Elijah and Adam
Portrait of Dora in Fencing Jacket
Portrait of Cedric
Completed Class Portrait
Underpainting & Adding Hues
Flemish Master Painting Techniques
Blending Hues & Refining Details
Refining the Portrait
Line Drawing
Flemish Master Painting Techniques
White Horse
New Painting: Young Mermaid
Blocking In the Gesture Drawing
Flemish Master Painting Techniques

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