Oil Painting

Discover the breathtaking techniques and drawing and painting essentials that will make your artwork stand out from the crowd!

Monet Painting Techniques: A Closer Look

By Paul Heaston
Monet Painting TechniquesWhen one thinks of Impressionism, more often than not the first name that comes to mind is French painter Claude Monet. With his dappled brushstrokes and fascination with changing light, Monet’s work more than any other defines the term ‘impression.’ If you’ve ever wanted to know how to paint like Monet, you are certainly not alone. Here’s a look at some of his techniques. Read more »

How Less Can Be More: Limited Palette Oil Painting

By Paul Heaston
Limited Palette PaintingSometimes the most effective paintings are the ones that do a lot with only a few colors. These are called limited palette paintings, and you might be surprised at just how many successful paintings use only a minimal palette. Let’s take a look at some examples. Read more »

Through Thick and Thin: Impasto Painting

By Paul Heaston
Impasto PaintingHave you ever seen a painting that made you want to touch the surface and feel the textures? Chances are you were looking at an impasto painting. Impasto painting is the technique of building thick layers of paint on the surface of a painting. Impasto adds a three-dimensional, almost sculptural quality to a painting, and can be used to create many unique textures and effects. Read more »

Oil in the Family: The Great Oil Portrait Painters

By Paul Heaston
Once oil painting began to gain popularity in the early Renaissance, the oil painted portrait took off, too, and is still going strong. Let's get face to face some of the masters of oil portrait painting. These guys (and gals) are good! Read more »

Breaking the Law: Mixed Media Painting Techniques

By Paul Heaston
Mixed Media Painting Techniques“Mixed media” is one of those impressive and intimidating-sounding art techniques that sounds more complicated than it actually is. When a work is “mixed media,” all that really means is more than one form of art media was used. While that could mean something as simple as mixing pencil and watercolor, most people use the term to refer to combining media that are not so closely or commonly associated. There are an infinite number of ways to combine media, but here are a few basic techniques and combinations to help you get started! Read more »

Enhance Your Work With the Right Paintbrushes

By Paul Heaston

With the huge selection of paintbrushes available, picking the perfect one can be challenging. What kind of brush is really best for watercolors? For oils or acrylics? Here’s a quick overview to help you sort through the chaos and find the brush for you.

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