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Portrait of an Artist: Glustav Klimt’s Controversial Pattern in Painting

By Sandrine Pelissier

Gustav Klimt, born in 1862, use of patterns and texture in painting built his reputation as a famous Austrian artist. While his paintings are less shocking to our modern eye, these works caused quite the stir in the early 20th century. Let's learn more about the painting provoker who mastered the art of mixing the old with the new and the real with the abstract.

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Learn How to Improve Your Paintings In 5 Easy Steps

By Susan Fox
Some paintings ideas take more planning than others. These steps to better paintings break down the most important aspects to solve one problem at a time. The earlier in the process you can solve a problem the better. Best of all, it frees you to focus on the sheer joy of painting! Read on for an easy five-step process to improving your painting Read more »
Exquisite Corpses- Surrealism on the Bluprint Blog

Breaking All The Rules: Surrealist Painting

By Sandrine Pelissier
Surrealism was a 20th century cultural movement that included visual arts as well as literature, movies, music and philosophy with origins in dadaism and in Sigmund Freud's writings. This movement has had an enormous influence on the generations of artists that have followed. Learning more about the story behind surrealism, including the development's most prominent artists, can provide backing and inspiration to your own works! Read more »

Renaissance: The Birth of Traditional Realism in Painting

By Sandrine Pelissier
The Renaissance period certainly showed an amazing leap towards paintings looking more and more realistic. This realism movement was mostly due to advances in painting techniques and skills. Let's step back in time to review techniques in traditional realism that has defined painting for generations. Read more »