Mixed Media

Discover the breathtaking techniques and drawing and painting essentials that will make your artwork stand out from the crowd!

Unicorn dream image in pen and ink

Pretty In Ink: An Overview of Pen and Ink Illustration

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Pen and ink illustration is a deceptively difficult medium to define. On the one hand, it seems obvious: artwork, rendered with pen and paper. But there's so much more to it than that. Here's an overview of pen and ink illustrations, meant to educate and inspire your creative flow.

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Breaking the Law: Mixed Media Painting Techniques

By Paul Heaston
Mixed Media Painting Techniques“Mixed media” is one of those impressive and intimidating-sounding art techniques that sounds more complicated than it actually is. When a work is “mixed media,” all that really means is more than one form of art media was used. While that could mean something as simple as mixing pencil and watercolor, most people use the term to refer to combining media that are not so closely or commonly associated. There are an infinite number of ways to combine media, but here are a few basic techniques and combinations to help you get started! Read more »