Mixed Media

Discover the breathtaking techniques and drawing and painting essentials that will make your artwork stand out from the crowd!

Snowy Scene: How to Paint Snow on Windows

By Margie Moore

Gently drifted snow resting on a windowsill conjures up peaceful feelings, almost welcoming one to stay or to come inside to keep warm and cozy. Learn how to create that same feeling in your paintings!

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Use circles to draw cupcakes

Sweet Art: How to Draw Adorable Illustrated Pastries

By Jessie Oleson Moore

When it comes to subject matter for your drawing, it doesn't get much more fun than creating sweet pastries! If you know how to draw circles, rectangles, and triangles, you've actually mastered the hardest part of the pastry-drawing process.

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Robin williams portrait illustration

Never Fear: Have Confidence in Painting a Drawing

By Antonella Avogadro

No matter how much or how little experience you have with art, if you are like me, you'll find that from time to time you still get a little scared by the thought of adding paint to a drawing that has taken you hours to create. Gain confidence with these tips and techniques for painting a drawing!

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Fitting illustrations around text on the Craftsy Drawing Blog!

Illustrator Basics: How to Illustrate a Book Around Text

By Margie Moore

Working an illustration around the written text it will share with a printed page will be a great portion of your work as an illustrator, so knowing how to do it properly is very important. I'm here to answer your questions on how to work an illustration around text for winning picture book any editor would be happy to publish!

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