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Concept sketch

Creating Whole New Worlds: What is Concept Art?

By Jessie Oleson Moore

What is concept art? This is a fascinating form of art which melds aspects of drawing, illustration and design. Let's explore what it is, what the artists in question actually do and some of the ways it is applied.

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Free-Flowing Foliage: How to Paint Fall Leaves

By Margie Moore

Nothing is more playful or heartwarming than a beautiful fall day accentuated with warm and golden shaded leaves flowing and swirling through the air. Beautiful leaves painted simply or in detail can add so much to a painting. And the best part is they are so easy to draw and paint! These tips will add will you add action and even emotion to your artwork.

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Red for passion — Using color to evoke emotion on the Craftsy Blog!

True Colors: Using Color to Convey Emotion in Art

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Color can be a powerful way to convey emotion in your illustration or fine artwork. It can be used to create a literal mood, such as a blue-grey rainy scene or a bright yellow breakfast nook in a kitchen, but it can also be used more figuratively to subtly evoke emotion through objects and characters. Here's how you can use color to help convey different moods in your next work of art.

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Work of Art: 12 Tips on How to Create a Perfect Art Portfolio

By Sandrine Pelissier

For artists, your portfolio is your resume. Having a great art portfolio allows you to show your work when applying for jobs or approaching a gallery for representation. Learn how to build your portfolio so you can present your work, and yourself, in the best way possible.

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Fine Art Friday: Masters of the Watercolor Landscape

By Paul Heaston
Watercolor LandscapeWatercolor is a medium that requires patience and dedication to master. Landscape painting is a discipline that requires the same thing. So painters of watercolor landscapes often have a doubly difficult time in their chosen field. If you find yourself in need of a little inspiration, take a look at some watercolor landscapes from the masters. Read more »