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Acrylic Painting for Beginners

New to acrylic painting? Craftsy has what you need to gain skills and make projects with this versatile medium.

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Start Your Painting Journey

Join painter Michael Lynne ins his online video class, where you'll learn fundamental techniques and get step-by-step instructions to turn a blank canvas into a finished work of art.

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13 Techniques to Try

Intimidated by an empty canvas? Learning a few easy techniques will get you painting! Read on to discover creative applications, inspiring ideas and new skills.

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Color Coordination

Good color mixing is the start of a great painting. Learn color theory and mixing techniques from our expert instructors in these two classes.

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Top Tips for Working on Canvas

Before you start painting your masterpiece, you need prepare your canvas. Read our essential tips for preparing and painting on canvas — a must-read for anyone new to this surface.

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Featured Member Projects

Need a little inspiration? Take a peek at finished paintings in acrylic by Craftsy members like you.

Materials Demystified

Success in your artistic endeavors starts with the right supplies. Check out our guide to the essential tools and materials for acrylic painting.

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