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Great Grain: How to Cook Quinoa

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Bowl of Cooked Quinoa

Happily, even though the pronunciation isn't intuitive, cooking this healthy and gluten-free grain is a simple feat of food and cooking. Here, we'll teach you how to cook quinoa on the stovetop, as well as tips for how to cook quinoa in the microwave, yielding a fluffy, delicately nutty-flavored side dish. Then, we'll walk through some creative ideas to flavor this extremely versatile grain so you can make your meals memorable.

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Fine Art Friday: Tips for Finding and Working With a Model

By Sandrine Pelissier
If you like figure or portrait drawing, working from life with a model is a unique and irreplaceable experience, but if you never had to work with models before, organizing a session might seem a bit intimidating. Here are a few tips for finding and working with a model. Read more »

Drawing Lips: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

By Sandrine Pelissier
Portrait of a Child, Oil Dry Brush TechniqueMona Lisa's smile has captured the imagination of millions of viewers, showcasing the importance of the mouth in a portrait. After the eyes, the mouth is perhaps the most expressive feature of the face, and is fundamental to convey the feelings of the individual. Read more »

Explore the Painting Techniques of Francis Bacon

By Paul Heaston
Francis Bacon Painting TechniquesFrancis Bacon was one of the most original and independent voices in 20th Century painting. His non-traditional approach to both the medium of oil paint and to the temporal qualities of portraiture have been called “disturbing” and “dreadful” by some, but he has nonetheless changed contemporary painting. If you’re not familiar with the paintings of Francis Bacon, here’s an overview of his work and techniques. Read more »

Inspiration from the Figure Masters: Figurative Artists

By Paul Heaston
Figurative ArtistsDrawing and painting the human figure has a long and storied tradition, dating from when we first painted on cave walls to the present day. It’s the bread and butter of any representational artist who wants to develop his or her skill set and it’s also an end unto itself. We’ve already seen some tips on figure drawing. Now let’s take a look at some of the great Masters’ figurative art for inspiration. Read more »

Human Eye Drawings from the Masters

By Paul Heaston
Human Eye DrawingWhen it comes to drawing the human eye, there are few better resources than the works of the great masters. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, feast your eyes (pun intended) on these amazing eye drawings. Read more »

Oil in the Family: The Great Oil Portrait Painters

By Paul Heaston
Once oil painting began to gain popularity in the early Renaissance, the oil painted portrait took off, too, and is still going strong. Let's get face to face some of the masters of oil portrait painting. These guys (and gals) are good! Read more »