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Drawing an Illustration Conversation on the Craftsy Blog!

The Art of Conversation: How to Draw People Talking

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Speech can also be a powerful mode of communication between characters in your illustrations. Whether your aim is to advance the plot of a children’s book story or to create a witty single panel pen and ink illustration, conversation is a powerful method or storytelling. From body language to speech bubbles, these tips will give your drawings a voice.

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Eggs -- Vegetarian diet staples on the Craftsy Blog!

What Do You Eat? The Staples of a Vegetarian Diet

By Ashley McLaughlin

Whether your going veggie or just trying to eat healthier, a vegetarian diet can open up your plate to a whole new world of fresh, delicious foods and flavors. Need some help getting started? Read on to discover vegetarian staples for a well-balanced diet!

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Capturing movement in art on the Craftsy Blog!

Drawing in Motion: Adding Movement to Your Artwork

By Jessie Oleson Moore

A bit of movement breathes life into a piece of artwork, and keeps the viewer's eyes engaged in the world you've created, regardless of style. Here are several highly-effective methods for adding motion that you can easily incorporate into your next piece.

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Tomato toast with basil butter on the Craftsy Blog!

Talk of Tomatoes: Fresh and Simple Tomato Recipes

By Ashley Rodriguez

In her book "Home Cooking," chef Laurie Colwin states that, "A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins." Make the most of the beautiful orchestra of flavors this ripe veggies can bring with expert tips along with some simply delicious recipe ideas you can make in minutes.

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Healthy Whole Grains: Recipe for Summer Pesto Salad

By Erin Alderson

Here's a deliciously and healthy salad you can make ahead of time! This summer barley salad is sure to satisfy your craving for fresh, whole foods and flavors while filling you up with the hearty nature of whole grains. It'll be your new weeknight go-to!

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