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25 Urban Sketching Ideas You Can Try Today

So you’ve got your favorite pen, a sketchbook, and are ready to try your own urban sketching. Now, what do you draw?

Urban Sketch Ideas

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That question alone can send even the most experienced artists into a tailspin. When you’re outdoors, there’s a lot going on — so where do you start?

This list of urban sketching ideas ideas can break your creative block and encourage you to put pen to paper.

It’s also helpful for future urban sketching outings — with some research and proper planning, you can get the most of out your drawing session. Better yet, bring some friends with you for a fun group outing!

1. The view from the top of a hill
2. Your favorite public statue
3. Children playing in a park
4. The view down the street
5. A row of colorful houses
6.  Baseball players and the fans cheering them on
7. A couple enjoying coffee
8. Dogs playing fetch with their owners
9. A single person reading on a park bench
10. A decorative front door
11. Exquisite architecture of a church
12. Unique items found at a yard sale
13. The surly neighborhood cat
14. A trolley or train and the people waiting for it
15. Passengers on a train or bus
16. The hustle and bustle of the farmers market
17. Boats sailing into the harbor
18. The trees along your favorite street
19. Colorful bikes parked on the street
20. A group of kites flying high in the sky
21. The patrons of a dive bar or neighborhood cafe
22. Animals at the zoo and the people watching them
23. A storefront with an eye-catching front window display
24. Your local street musician
25. Beachgoers playing the sand

What are your favorite subjects in urban sketching?

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