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Fine Art Friday: Pet Portraits That’ll Make You Say “Awww!”

These cuddly buddies may be too cute for words, but Bluprint members certainly did an amazing job capturing them with paint, fabric and more!

From a quilted kitty to a Pomeranian portrait, these pet projects are as adorable as their furry inspirations. Find your favorites and learn how to make a masterpiece of your own beloved companion!

Painting of Older Man Holding Dog

This painting is a true testament to the bond between pets and their people! Bluprint member mditchfield made this heartfelt portrait using the techniques from Narrative Portraiture: Painting in Acrylic. We love how well it captures the connection between these most beloved companions.

Quilt Featuring Cat with "Katie-Klepto" Text

Bluprint member SueBQuilts used her sewing skills to make this fabric image of her stealthy pet cat Katie, who seems to love stealing supplies! She may be a thief, but Katie sure is cute!

Watercolor Painting of Woman and Dog

Puppy kisses are the best kind! Bluprint member Victoria.1038986 created this charming tonal study of herself and her canine buddy in the midst of a memorable moment after taking Portraits in Watercolor.

Portrait of Fully Pomeranian

Who could resist this sweet little face? Bluprint member SSKCraft created this oil paint portrait of her puppy, Rusky, at 6-months-old.

Drawing of Kitty Playing with Butterfly

This playful feline and her winged playmate make for one amazing drawing! Facebook Drawing Club member Tomasz Szyrwiel sketched the incredible details and lifelike fur texture using only a mechanical pencil!

Painting of Two Very Cute Dogs

Two cuties are better than one! The highlighting and careful brushstrokes of Facebook Oil Painting Club member Patti Santucci’s painting really bring these two canine companions to life.

This painting is proof that good things happen when you work outside your comfort zone. Facebook Acrylic Painting Club member Donna Howell Burgess posted this personality-filled portrait of her adorable pug. She usually prefers watercolors, but we think her experiment in acrylic turned out great!

Oil Painting of Pensive-Looking Dog
Facebook Watercolor Painting Club member Ruth Collins posted this kingly portrait of her dog, Duke. His bright red bandana and expressive eyes are perfectly captured in light washes of watercolor.

These projects reminded us of all the special pets in our lives — we need some snuggles from them, right now!

With so much great inspiration, what medium will you use for your pet art project?


Andrea Wade

Wish someone could teach me a bit better , I so love drawing and painting , just lost my confidence sadly :(((

Maureen McRae

Hi. Just wanted to know your prices on your pet paintings? Please email me at above email address..thanks do much

Studio Kaufmann

Super cute pet portraits!! I love doing pastel portraits of dogs – you can get a wonderfully shaggy hairy effect. But I also love watercolor as it is more expressive.

Racquel Keller

So great to see what other artists are doing and the variety of mediums being used.

Micheal Hodge

I am inspired by the beauty in your creations! I am creating several at pieces to be gifts and I’m hopeful that these gifts will show some love and hope for those whom I have them too!

Kate Peart

All nice work, I am sure the owners are proud of the work doe by these talented artists.

Karen Conner

these are all incredible! very talented! Especially Love the mechanical pencil drawing of the cat!!

Fern Carrasco-Kopp

Love my oil paintings of Lucy our tea cup Yorkie and Sarge the black lab, by Georgia Lawson. Her work is really awesome.


I signed up for a class after not painting for about a year. Life brought some very difficult things my way. When I had major back surgery Aug.7 I signed up for an acrylic class but have been to weary and overwhelmed to start. Wow, these pictures are so inspiring! It is so wonderful to see what others have done, especially with pets. My four dogs are my constant companions, 24/7. I have had my paints sitting nearby. Today I will paint… Yay!


Wow am I blown away. Such talent. I am trying to work these acrylics and each time I see a post I get a bit intimidated but more so Inspired. I know none of you could reach these levels without practice so, Off I Go again trying to get better. Thanks to all who post their works.

Vivian Maury

I paint pet portraits in watercolors and pencil. How can I publish them in your site.?
Thank You!


I use to use pencil (the soft end … 4b to 9b), Prismacolor and pen/ink for my pet (and people) portraits … but my vision limits my abilities more now so I emulate these techniques in Photoshop.

Maureen Schulze

I would like you to do a portrait of Sparky my pomeranian that just passed.

Maureen Schulze

I love your painting, I would like 10″by 10″ portrait of my pomeranian that just passed.

Chris Causey

Maureen Schultze, I will gladly paint a pet portrait for you.


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