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First Friday Fine Art Gallery: Study in Still Life

Still lifes are perhaps one of the oldest forms of painting, dating back to painting in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. This style of art has continued to evolve over generations and remains ever-popular in the works of modern-day artists. Such permanence is not surprise, as still lifes allow the artistic freedom to bring life and aesthetic beauty to inanimate objects using value, color and, most importantly, imagination.

Layering Colors Watercolor Still Life Painting

A watercolor still life in progress by instructor Mary P. Murphy in the Craftsy class Watercolor Flower Bouquet

Craftsy’s First Friday Fine Art Gallery:

Study in Still Life

For the June First Friday Fine Art Gallery, we want to focus on still life paintings, the timeless style that often champions the artistic over the representational and breathes life into the lifeless. Never limited by medium, these works run the spectrum from oil to acrylic to watercolor. So many talented artists in the Craftsy community have contributed their still life works to the project gallery. Browse this gallery to see some of our many favorite still life works — and perhaps find some creative inspiration of your own!

Acrylic Still Life Painting

Still life” by member AnnaZV

Green Chair

Green Chair” by member DarcyP

Finished Oil Painting

Finished Painting” via Craftsy instructor Tony Curanaj

Backyard Still Life Painting

Backyard” by member Christina Youdan-Pfistershammer

Expressionist Yellow Still Life Painting

Yellow Still Life” by member sarah.der2604508

Apples from the Orchard #SeeingRed Watercolor

Apples from the Orchard #SeeingRed” by member Carol Mann

The Persistence of Time Still Life

The Persistence of Time” by member sorianofi3623837

Radish Still Life

Radis sur table verte” by member quiltfille

Impressionist still life

Impressionist palette study 1” by member LindyAdam

Iris Still Life Painting

Iris” by member Jessica Bartlett

What’s your favorite still life work?

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